1 Side of Cathedral Ceiling Venting Problem

We are in Northern Calif. We had an addition constructed almost 3 years ago with a cathedral ceiling (rest of home 8’ ceilings w/large attic). It is a long high pitch on one side of room with exterior overhang with vented soffits on that side only and ridge vent along peak even though there is a beam at peak they cut back for ridge venting, that side of the room has NO paint blisters. The other side of the room pitch is short, only 4 feet, then a patio room butts up against that edge with a horizontal pitched cathedral ceiling, so there are no visible soffits on shorter side. So the way the two pitches connect are quite beautiful (but now I’m thinking that there is some dead air space or pockets where those join) and causes the paint to blister ONLY on the shorter pitched side next to the beam. Summary: the shorter side of the room’s roof only has ridge venting, no soffit venting because the patio room with a horizontal cathdral ceiling which butts up against it. What should we do to get that side to ventilate properly? The blisters are condensation and I’m worried about mold. :frowning:

:smiley: DCI Products has vents for all cathedral ceilings and roof styles. You have to contact them or have your architect contact them at www.dciproducts.com
They can ventilate a closed valley with a cathedral ceiling!!! They can even make air channels when insulation is tight against the roof deck! Imagine that! I’d call that the ‘HoudiniVent’!!