10 Step Sales Script

Are their any roofing professional that would be will to share a 10 steps to making a sale sales script?

Thank you very much!

No, there isn’t. If they try to describe a 10 steps sales process, that means they are clueless and not a true professional.

Read some of the old Dale Carnegie and Zig Ziglar stuff. It is timeless. People that like you will listen to you. People that trust you will buy from you. It really is that simple. Sales is a numbers game. Knock enough doors, see enough people … you will find someone with the need that matches your offering. I’ve never seen someone fail due to skills or lack of 10 step processes or any of that crap. They have failed 100% of the time due to lack of effort.

The only other thing I would offer here is that sales professionals learn to advocate by asking more questions than making statements. You ever noticed how difficult it is to disagree with a question, especially if it is formulated correctly. “Mr. Customer, what would you consider the 3 biggest advantages to you of installing the best quality roofing system on your house?” You can’t respond with a no to that question can you?

In summary, forget canned programs with X step systems. That’s crap for suckers to spend their money on buying books and training classes. Use some common sense. Make the effort to get out to see potential Customers. Speak to them, give them a chance to like you. Ask questions to uncover the core needs. Advocate with focus on the core items once you’ve earned their trust. It really is that simple.