130mph shingles vs. 110mph shingles

We are getting estimates to replace our roof and were told by one contractor that we cannot put 130mph shingles on our roof because they are too heavy that he would instead use 110mph OC shingles. The next contractor said he doesn’t understand why he would say that and he recommends installing the 130mph GAF shingles for $2000 less.
This leaves us a bit confused as to who is right and is it safe to put the 130mph shingles on our roof. What is the consensus?
Our house is 2 story and 25 years old.

Nothing I like better than bursting someone’s bubble.

1st of all: Warranties whether wind, lifetime or performance of any kind, will be based on proper installation. Improper installation alone ***will void 80% (or more)of ALL ***installs right now.

2nd: if you really believe in a 130 mph wind warranty w/ an asphalt shingle, try standing in a powerful hurricane or a Vortex or two.

3rd: The weight factor BS the contractor is telling you…
What a gas!

Perhaps I’m confused due to all the warranty modifications. I personally think though it is more important to look at reality. Further, I believe if you install OC Duration shingles, if installed to their specification, you get a 130 mph wind rating.

Bottom line, in my humble opinion, if you install any of the primary manufacturer’s 30 year laminated shingles to the exact same standards, you’ll end up with the same real life wind rating.

What I think is more important, if you’re consideration is warranty, is to look at each manufacturer’s “Sure Start” warranty or whatever they want to call it. That is the warranty period for which an approved claim would result in a complete roof replacement (labor and all materials) paid for by the manufacturer. I believe GAF’s is 10 years. On the other hand, Tamko’s is 15 years. If you read the fine print in the limited portion of the warranties, I think you’ll find (1) You would have a reasonably difficult time having a claim approved by the manufacturer since there are so many exceptions and caveats; and (2) The amount of money you would get would be minimal. Warranties outside of that initial period only cover that manufacturer’s materials. So if you use their shingles, starter and cap, that’s what you’ll get paid for on a pro rated basis. So if you have a 30 year shingle, it is 15 years old, you get 50% of the value. When you consider the cost of the other materials, labor and disposal, you’d be lucky to recover 25% of your money. You also should check to see if that warranty covers present day costs or pays the pro rated cost of what you paid for the materials at the time of the roof replacement.

I can also tell you we’ve dealt with 3 different manufacturer’s on warranty issues. We had a Tamko color mismatch, the Rep was out to the house within 48 hours of the request from us and approved the replacement pending verification by factory testing. With OC, we filed the claim online, they sent a packet, we had to go take samples and send them in to OC’s lab. It took a approximately one month and a lot of badgering to get the approval. We recently had what I believe was a clear color mismatch issue with GAF. Their Rep was contacted 6 weeks ago. We’ve tried working with him for that entire time. Today he threw up his hands and said we’d have to take it up with their claims department.

Moral of that story: The warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it or the quality of your attorney.

My recommendation is to pick any of the brands (GAF, OC, Certainteed, Tamko) based upon your color/cosmetic choice and price. Focus more on having a good quality contractor install the roof, that will impact the life of your roof more than anything else. We use 6 nails per shingle in our Southern locations and 5 nails per shingle at our Indiana location. We installed 200 roofs in all 4 quadrants of the greater Birmingham, AL area in the 12 months prior to the tornado and didn’t have a single report of a shingle being blown off from any of our Customers. Admittedly, there had to be some luck involved (our Customers missed the very worst of the tornadoes and straight line winds) but without question, many of our roofs saw 100 + mph winds for an extended period of time without any failures. The majority of those roofs were Tamko, second was OC, third was Atlas with a sprinkling of GAF and Certainteed.

Good luck!

Just speculation here, but I’m willing to bet the first contractor ONLY does OC shingles because he gets a smoking deal on them somewhere, and charges the same price as if he were buying GAF shingles at Agapes price ($100+ square :shock: ).

And yes, your roof will support 130mph shingles.

I agree with dad on this since i tested it. I used a Certainteed landmark 30 and storm nailed it on a recover non the less and it took 90 mph winds without a problem. There was a wind vain reader on the property so i know the winds speed.

Is there that big of a difference between 110 mph shingles and 130 mph shingles? Doesn’t it depend more on how many nails are used?

I do not know how he could give OC shingles as part of the quotation and why he is using that type when he could be using at least a GAF and charge for the same amount.

I do not think it would be fair for your to get an OC right about the same price range. I am not really going to live that much with the warranty if I were you as you could easily bank on a good leverage and that issue of the problem would be solved.

If you get the 130mph wind warranted shingles, they know they will never have to warranty those, cause if you get that kind of wind, you won’t have any decking or home left. Just look at the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama after 100mph wind hurricanes with gust to 150.

Wind warranty’s are at best a joke. Has anyone experienced 130mph winds ?

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Every storm that rolls in so do the “Roof Specialist,Storm Pro’s,Deductible eating extraordinaries” and so do the signs.,signs,signs everywhere is signs.I usually take some pix of the ones that intrigue me.

I thought I seen them all but I seen one in Joplin a couple day’s after the storm came thru.Honest to goodness I seen a sign that said “The 130 mph Contractor”.,I guess he was a 130mph wind wizard.He didn’t stay long.I do have a nice pic of the sign.I will find it.,some day.

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I believe the OC Duration are a 130mph WARRANTY. A step above a 130mph RATING with a lesser warranty.