16 squares: $1900 for upgrade to architectural, $650 for synthetic underlayment, "Golden Pledge"?

Hail damage on 3-tab roof. Insurance is covering. I signed and said that I would use the company in exchange for them working with the insurance company to get the claim covered. 16.3 squares between the house (~13 squares) and the shed (~3 squares).

I was surprised how much the contractor wants for the upgrade to architectural shingles (GAF HDZ). I was expecting maybe $20/square extra.

They want $1900, which works out to $116/square. They said that it’s due to extras need to get the GAF “Golden Pledge” 50 warranty: applying 3 feet of Grace (instead of 1.5’ required by code), cutting and installing a Snow Country roof vent, using purpose-build starter and ridge shingles.

They said that the synthetic underlayment is $650, or another $40/square, which is also necessary to bump up from the 30 year to the 50 year warranty.

Am I getting taken for a ride? I’m fine with paying good money for good work, but these costs seem really high. Thanks.

That is BS. Tell them you don’t care about the 50 year warranty. And why should you, are you going to be alive and in that house even 20 years from now? It’s marketing hype. And if two rows of ice and water are required on the eaves for code, the insurance owes for it, not you.

All that is typical GAF pro contractor BS.


in my limited experience it comes to installer and only.whatever material you use,it should last 15-20 years if roofer was paid enough to care about details and dont rush it.
when i used to work for scammers and lowballing contractors it was necessity to push and cut corners
at the same time if you use high end price doesnt mean you will get leakproof roof .
my best advice would be to ask for actual crew that going to install your roof and their last 3 cut up roofs with bunch of details to make it anal.
or you can trust whatever sales pitch and just call back when you get stains on ceiling
take it with grain of salt.

A quick search and youll find the Golden pledges and other crap are marketing scams to fleece more money from ppl

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Drop a dollar, when he bends over to pick it up, kick him in the head. Con men deserve no less…

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So what’s the best move here?

-Buy the material myself and have them install it?

-Ditch them and find someone else? What sort of real obligation am I under since I signed and said I would have them do the roof if the insurance covered the claim?

Tell him you want a Certainteed shingle and aren’t concerned with extended warranties.

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Demand “D.226” 15 pound underlayment.
Demand D.226!
Watch and make sure!
Look at the rolls and look for the D.226.
Tell him you will not accept anything less.
Go to local “roofing supply only“ shop and get written quotes for the “three tab and architect price difference.
You were exactly right in your Price assessment.
Tell him you want to pay the difference in material cost.

You should not be concerned with their extended warranty.
It doesnt work anyway.

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Some serious gouging here.
$20-30 a square is a reasonable upcharge to go from a 3tab to laminates. Tell them you want the same underlayment.

Where are you located>? the house i have a company that worked on my house and charged the less for that. I signed the contract cause they were master elite with gaf , shingles should only matter if your spending 30 years in the home anything over that will not be worth it on equity. You need 25labor and 30 year shingles. Which is the life span of the house being paid off. let me know i can help you which was my job back in 2006 i worked with contractors. just trying to help. matthewu2019@protonmail.com

I assume you no longer have that job based on that incoherent post.


Good luck getting 25 years labour warranty

Find another roofing contractor. Most should work with your insurance company, it’s something i deal with on a very regular basis. Them gouging you on the price is a bad look and could be an indication as for what’s to come. If you end up going with this sub make sure they’re documenting the roof work with photos throughout and also if they end up having to charge you extra for anything that they provide the corresponding documentation for justification. Just a few problems i’ve come into working with subs like this.

Another thought, if you like the look of the architectural/dimensional shingle would be to go with one that has a more standard 25 year warranty. Most of the subs that i work with find that the cost for that shingle is the same as the 3 tab with the same warranty, sometimes (surprisingly) cheaper.

Hope that helps.