16 year old roof

My 85 year old mom’s asphalt roof is 16 years old. It is leaking in one area only in the back of the house (western exposure) in a valley, causing leakage in to a small area on the livingroom window sill. I was told the valley was not done correctly. (There was previously a leak around the chimney but that was repaired with tar around 4 years ago and has been successful.) I prefer to try to have the valley leak repaired rather than invest in a new roof (15K)at this point in time. Does a roof ever become too old that it is not worth trying to repair it? The roof also has some shingles that are a little curved on the ends in another area in the back.

16 yrs is approaching “unrepairable” age, but it’s a case by case thing. Sunny side of house? Probably not fixable. Shady side or under trees? Maybe fixable.

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Post a picture of the area. Normally when replacing a valley is not much more work to replace the the sections it ties into, unless it’s a really big roof.

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It is near the end of its age.
I think a valley replacement might be a significant charge.
I think it is a waste of money.

Id fix it the unprofessional way(free)
Until i got my finances together to replace the entire roof.

Thanks very much for getting back to me. It faces the west and there are some small trees, so there is semi shade. How does the amount of sun effect it?

I am going to try to post some photos.


UV degrades the asphalt, causing the shingles to become too brittle to repair without causing further damage.