1950 wood shingles as decking?

I have a house that was built in the 50’s with wood shingles. In the early 80’s it was reroofed with 3-tab composite over the wood shingles. Now I need a new roof due to a recent wind storm. I have had 3 bid and they all say that I need to have new decking put on because the wood shingles do not count as decking anymore. My insurance did not pay for removing the old wood shingles and putting on new decking. Should the insurance company have paid for new decking? It it alright to roof over the composite and wood roof? Should I just strip off the composite, which is what the insurance company paid for, and put the new roof over the wood shingles again?

Tear off the old roofs, redeck, apply new roof.

wood shingles never counted as decking… they just roofed over to be cheap, and cause you can, I would never…if you don’t want to add new deck, tear off old roof and replace w/wood shingles, or slate,lol

Insurance companies are all different as to what their defined scope of work they state they will allow,


They are supposed to ensure a Nailable decking substrate.

Cedar shingles, especially old and brittle cedar shingles are NOT an acceptable substrate.

Request a different adjuster to come out and verify the necessity for new plywood decking overlay.

It should get approved.


yeah you never had a deck to begin with.
and you need a deck in case a storm comes(my bad),
you have somethin to get up on and temp cover.
so yes take off wood shake shingles and whatever
else, then redeck with 1/2" plywood.

its a large job.
make shure they nail the new plywood down
very good. make em double check it.

if ya have trouble finding someone capable
get back to us.