1st Year in Roofing Sales

I’m kind of reporting back to this forum after trying roofing sales.

I posted my first post here in May '08 and I was discouraged from trying roofing sales by a couple of
veteran members here.

I’m glad I tried it anyway.

I wrote about $350K worth of business between June and October of 2008, and for 2009 I already have $50K in business with my first deal. All of this was insurance work.

Just wanted to encourage others who may be wanting to try roofing sales. I’m NOT SAYING anyone can do this. I took out 8 new guys with me last year and not one of them wrote even one deal (maybe I’m a bad trainer).

I would be interested in any sales/canvassing tips you might have.


Listen to all the experts tell you it can not be done. Then go and do it.

insurance work is easy to write, wait untill you actully have to sell jobs.

he is right so i would start looking into some sales training if you haven’t done sales before. with the amount of insurance work we had this year its been easy. it like a vacation with pay.

good job on your first year. and remember the more training you give yourself the better it will get and makes the slow times easier.