2 1/2" Continuous Soffit Opening - An Oddity?

Having trouble finding continuous soffit vent to fit into a plywood(3/8) soffit opening 2 1/2" wide. Lots of products out there, seems 2" opening is common, saw a 2 1/8", 2 5/8…

My existing continuous soffit vent is PVC, perforated with the small round holes, is brittle, and somewhat obstructed in places by paint. It is closer to the fascia than the middle of soffit but it’s not flush to the fascia side, so it does have 2 flanges.

Not intending to replace all of it and not intending to disturb fascia or soffit necessarily. Fabricated a little 2’ section of screen and was able to sneak it up and in. Maybe longer sections won’t allow this.

An online source Plastic Components series 300 out of Miami and for stucco looks really close but it’s 2 5/8" (opening) and I suppose would bulge/bow out a bit if squeezed in 2 1/2" opening.

Any PVC continuous soffit for 2 1/2" opening in 3/8 plywood?


I don’t see many builders using it anymore, but try Tamlyn. Lumber yards in Southeast Texas stock them. Check their website, if you haven’t.

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