2/12 residental roof in houston questions

I have a 2/12 tar and gravel that is probably from the 70’s and it is starting to fail in several areas. After some quotes and asking around the neighborhood it was looking like a modified bitumen would be the way to go, but i just got a quote for an IB PVC roof and was rather surprised with the price. PVC looks to be a more durable and energy efficient option, but I’m unsure about the cost and if it would work out when we might move in 5-10 years. Is PVC that much better, are there any other options?

I know that Cerberus is partial towards Sarnafil, but why and why not IB? Is there a rule of thumb per sq ft for a pvc install? Any suggestions on another contractor to get a quote from and we need a fair amount of work on the facia and soffits…

thanks in advance

sarnafil is better than most pvc systems for many reasons; they dont let just anyone become approved installers for one,they have the best tech reps maintaining installation quality and integrity,its a time proven product.imo its the best and i have used this product for 25 yrs.as far as your house goes why would you want to install a system on your house that wouldnt be an asset to its sale in the future? do some research on approved contractors in your area(cerb will definatly have a few in his book)there is no limit on sq fottage.however warranty issues will need to be adressed as it is a residence.a properly installed and maintained sarnafil system will last 20- 30 yrs.

the great thing about any pvc is that it is energy star white. will really help on cooling costs. I prefer mulehide, as for a warranty you will find that there will only be a material warranty. no labor warranties from manufacturers. another thing is ask the contractor if it will be a fully adhered or mechanically fastened system. the later is not preferred in residential apps. call mulehide at 800-786-1492 and find a approved contractor in your area.

Where in Houston do you live?

Next, if you really want to go with PVC, go with the best, Sarnafil. BTW, for you roofers out there that didn’t know, Sika just bought Sarnafil, so it is now called Sika Sarnafil.

More importantly, is your built-up roof gravel surfaced? Plywood or wood plank roof deck? Is there insulation in you roof system, or is it in the attic? What is the square footage of your roof? What is your budget? Are you willing to spend more money on the roof if you can save money on energy costs? And so many other questions…

Also, I know a few contractors that may be able to help you, though I generally deal with large commercial projects.

thanks for the reply, but been out of town - also answering in order, I can’t seem to get past the spam filter…

live in spring branch
would be up for seeing a Sika Sarnafil quote
gravel surfaced
I think plywood, but it could be original decking and looks like this house was an "architect special"
Some insulation the attic but not much and my prev quote had tech shield as an option
About 2300 sqft
The best we can do for the least budget - we have seen bids @ $8k and $19k
yes, would like energy efficiency
Any names/numbers for a Sika Sarnafil or just another tar and gravel quote would be appreciated
we also have some facia/soffit water damage that would need to be replaced

The sq ft costs for the PVC quote aren’t adding up to what else I’ve seen on the web so any help would be great.

If you have an IB certified installer, IB warrants residential.

please dont put a tarp over the rock roof.
atleast tear it off.