2 layer,shingles,one ceadarshake mystery

how much do I pay a sub to do a 16 sq job, 2 layer shingle ,one layer of cedarshake, than have them install the plywood, and nail the shingles also… ?how much? I supply all material and the dumpster, the sub does all the work… im not sure what they should be getting for this 16 sq job,also it is a two story jack roof… someone please help…

well ?


From feast to fammine? Last week you did not have any work.


How much did you figure to pay him, when you bid the job?

Are you trying to build a relationship with the sub or get it done as cheap as possible? Then look for another sub on the next one.

If that is the case. You can always find someone who needs to pay his bills. He will work for nothing.

If you are looking to build a relationship. Get him involved in the estimating. He can give you a price before you price the job.

Hi, looks like nobody wants to tell you the price. As a subcontractor i do many of 1,2 layers + cedar shakes roofs. I usually charge 150 - 200 $ a sq. for labor + clean up. For your roof (2 stories non walkable ) i would charge 175 + some extras if it`s really cut up. Looks to be 2 day job for 2 roofers + clean up guy .

mirror what goes on. If it cost you 20 a bundle on then 20 a bundle off. they pay for bin and all the materials.