2 layers of shingles,plus cedarshake mystery

Can anyone tell me how much I should pay a sub for a 16 sq 2 layer shingle ,one cedarshake tear off ? Plus nailing on the plywood, 35 - 40 sheets, than the shingles…??? , oh yes, its two story jacker…I am supplying all of the material, and a dumpster… but What do the subs get ? And what if I under bid the job ? Should I still pay the sub the full amout or do they take a hit also ?

You should pay the sub for work that he has done, if its 19 squares then thats what he should get paid for.

In Indy you would pay a sub around 150 a square labor, you might get some mexicans to do it for 80 to 100 per square.

ok , 150 a sq but what if 1 layer tear off, or 2 layer or cedarshake than plywood, It cant be 150 a sq for all of the above ?

If it is walkable 150 is a decent price. I dont understand how come the sub has not told you his price on this subject?

i dont care what part of the country your from, thats a 20,000 dollar job.
for those who have torn off cedar shake and redecked entire house, you know this is not a simple job.
to me 100 a square is suicide.
if i was subin that one would be closer to 4 or 5 hundred a square.


I am the sub, And the boss under bid the job by a few thou, all of the suden I am like what the fuxxxx, not to mention he is also 2 or 3 sq short, have not told him that yet, today, I really needed the imput , thanks all , maybe looking for work in other states where it will be warm come jan or feb,gotta pay the bills somehow, will travel, depends on how we do here…well gotta go, Im late again, ya 16 sq jack er two story, plus 3 sq walkable, plus starters and caps, what should the sub make and what should the contractor make ?

I hate to break the bad news to you but in this market right now 4 or 5 hundred a square for subbing is never going to happen atleast where im at. Thats the going rate for the whole roof. 1050 a square to sell i really dont think to many people would buy that. 20k for a 19 square roof is absurd. Yes i have done my fair share of cedar shake redeck jobs and well around here here is the pricing where i am at
shingle tear off 2 layers 80 if walkable 95 if not
50 for cedar including the redeck
whatever the materials are+ the dump.
I would be around 225 250 a square withh all that.
Im not quite sure where the pricing scale you got or whos paying you those prices but if they are you are very blessed.
Tigman the best advise i can tell you is it is not your problem that he underbid the job. I would not be letting him walk all over you like that it is business.

433 a square, labor only. Put the longest lasting shingle on that you can, and it will lessen the long term roofing cost since most of the job is labor.

I would be around 225 250 a square [/quote]

please tell me thats your rate for subbing the job? because thats my minumum rate for a 1 layer ranch with no detail work. i wont touch cedar for less than $400.

no i price those somewhere in the 400 to 500 a square depending on difficulty. That is just labor and shingles with a dump. no wood. Last i checked subbing is labor only but hey everyone does things differently. I would not expect our guys to buy all the materials and do the job. I think that is called license fraud at that point. Or something like it.

i would do it for 12,500 with materal