2008 is almost over

Hope everyone had a great year. We ended up doing pretty well. 2 months to go.

Looking forward to the elections being over.

Happy Holidays everyone!

We had record year as well. Also built and moved into our new shop.

Good year overall but the last 4 weeks have been horrible. Hopefully just a pause due to the election and not a sign of whats coming next Spring. Everybody have a fun and safe winter!

Almost over? The last 3 months are always the businest around here… We’re just getting started.

Where do I begin…

So far this year strictly speaking on shingle jobs we have had about 75% the number of jobs sold and isntalled as last year, but we have had twice the profit margin in each shingle job.

In regards to repairs and maintence it jumped astronomically, expected to be double last years volume in terms of jobs sold.

Gutters & low slope also have increased.

I’ve said this before a dozen times, if not for the gutters and repairs we’d be out of business. It’s hard competing on shingles when the hacks are doing it for half the price. When I raised our profit margin on shingles to reflect what we are getting on every other segment of our business, I expceted the volume to drop. To be honest the volume didn’t drop because we raised our pricing. We raised our pricing because it dropped. I wish I raised my pricing sooner!