2nd adjustment after supplement wby

Hi Guys my name is Erykha and trying to learn well the Roofiing industry. After getting ripped off by a couple companies as a sales rep i descided to do it for my self with very limited resources Thank God i came across a state farm agent that wanted me to help with his claim well adj bought roof gutters not down spouts a shed and stain total job amount 22000 4000 deductible but i send the supplement for ice and water down spouts window seals and o&p so another 12000 i called today and they said they were sending another adj any thoughts concerns or suggestions please

Did you send pictures with your request for supplements? Unless you can make the adjuster feel like they have been to the property with a ton of pics, they will want to come back out and take another look. You will want to be at that appointment to make your case for the additional items!

When the supplement is a larger amount, it is common to send an adjuster out to the property to review the supplemented items.