2x4 rafters spaced 24in apart on a Ranch in NJ

I’m buying a small ranch in NJ and just had the home inspection. The inspector pointed out that the roof only has 2x4 rafters and they are spaced 24in apart.

The house has been re-shingled three years ago.

It seems like everyone has a different opinion on this. Is this a major problem? Would sistering 2x6 beams fix it if it is a problem? What is code? Will I have trouble re-selling the house if this is the condition its in?

Thanks for any insight. Chris


Roof trusses are made from 2x4’s and put 2’ on center.

Make sure of what they are trusses or rafters.

There definitely rafters.

sounds like trusses

i doubt the home inspector know waht hes taliking about

they seldom do

The house was built in the 1950s. They are no cross beams like you’d see with trusses.

If it is rafters, is it a problem? Thanks.

I see this on many older homes, pre 70’s. They usually have plank decking. I don’t have a problem with the 2X4 if the run is short and it is strong backed every other one, or some support. Mobile home manufactures have been using the 2x2 truss system for years. I wouldn’t put it on anything I own, but it serves a purpose, financially speaking.
I agree with the other posters, that it may not look like an actual truss system, but it could be installed and supported as one. Check with a structural engineer and get an opinion on the live load and acceptable deflection of a 2X4. Around Texs, you can get one to come out and give you a verbal inspection for about $200. If they write up a report, double it.

Depends on rafter length,pitch,and if you are in North west N.J. or south east for snow load factor.
I would say if the rafters are shorter,and they are not sagging and the roof is steeper,not to worry.If they are the contrary then there may be cause to avoid the purchase,especially if it has a newer roof already.
It is not so easy to sister another member next to the existing,if they are sagging,low pitched,and in an attic that has proper insulation.
Just from my experience…

How long are the rafters? What pitch is the roof?

if it looks good and is not leaking, then leave it the hell alone. dont go up there jumpin around tryin to find out how strong it is.