3 layer plywood patterns for a cat 5 roof

suggest 3 layer plywood patterns for my back roof
it is 44ft by 16 bottom current layer is 4 sheets on the 16 slope
simple one is two sheets up but that lets a common seam at 8’ up
and every 8 on the long run too

if we want a two foot lap for max strength each way
what pattern gives the least cuts and few small pieces on the ends or corners
then the top 3rd layer can match the existing bottom and still be 2 ft lapped

this is to survive a cat 5 hurricane not standard roofing
so I am trying to create a one piece 1 5/8 ‘’ thick roof base
attached with screws and glue
so even if my 5v steel and the membrane goes away or is impacted
I will not leak

yes the tie straps are to code on concrete caped CBS WALLS on a slab in a no flood zone

I Would start with full sheets 4 rows high, 2nd row 4’ stagger starting with 2’ rip, 3 full sheets and then 2’ rip at top, 3 rd row back to 4 full sheets high but 2’ offset from first row.