3 part question

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read through this post - 3 part question:

I just had a new roof installed.
Complete tear off.
I specifically asked the roofer before starting about

  1. will ice and water shield be used - response = yes
  2. I need to replace some fascia - will I be able to do that after new roof installed - response =yes

neither of these ‘questions’ were in the contract…my bad I know…however looking for any advice on following:

Should drip edge be nailed to roof underlayment or through top of fascia?
I remove my first piece of fascia to repair and with it I ended up bending the brand new drip edge since it was nailed through top of fascia…this is the reason I asked the guy whether or not I’d be able to replace the fascia after he put on the new roof-----so is it nornally nailed to the fascia…if so what do you recommned now that I have the new roof to fix the rotten fascia

2.No ice nor water shield was installed along eaves(just normal tar paper)…I live in Kansas City…so I think this would at minimum be recommneded…not sure if its code…but I did check the Malarkey website and it is in their install guide if the area may have an ice dam which is fairly common in Kansas city…any recommendations?

  1. My 2 bathroom tubs are now draining extremely slowly…Im assuming some debris or a rag or something ended up in the vent pipe or he somehow choked off the air…

overal this is not a vrey professional job but Im looking for recommendations before I call him as to best way to handle the situation.

Saving grace is I have not yet paid…

Thanks in advance for any replies

frustrated and angry in KC

What were the details of the Contract? Thats what you paid for- nothing more and nothing less.

Is the result of a Insurance Claim? Could very well be a case of what the Insurance would pay.

You have money hanging over their head they should come out- check the plugged pipe, go over the Contract- Warranty info, if I & W is not included they should get paid… however if it is included in the Contract, well let’s wait to see if they skimped of were actually obligated.


Thanks for the reply…as for the i&w I agree - my bad if its not in contract…as for the other questions I explicitly asked I noticed you didn’t reply…I understand you are a roofer and would prefer all roofers get paid…and I have no problem making the payment if the job was done right…

Im my opinion the right job is not leaving me with 2 broken bathrooms as well as quite possibly poor advice on the best time to replace fascia…