3 Tab question

Does anyone know of a 3 tab shingle that is 40 or 50 yr? Have a customer looking for one. Does not want architect or anything fancy that will draw attention to the roof.

Look to a Class IV shingle or maybe an Elk Capstone or Atlas Alpine for the flat look.

Cost is crazy high, however.

Now here’s the odd part. They don’t want anything that will “attract attention” however they want to spend the most amount of money (yeah, I know - what they want is a shingle that will last a long time) & get the shingle that looks cheap.

In this case, these two thoughts ARE mutually separate (unless they do go with an Alpine or Capstone).

GAF slateline or grand slate is slightly like a 3 tab and both are lifetime.

carriage house?


The “Super Shangles” are four tabs and are pretty spendy. Certainteed does make a 40 year 315 lbs a square Hallmark Shangle and a lifetime warranty 300 lbs a square Independence Shangle.

Certainteed Hattaras is very good 8" exposure makes it fly on. better looking than a 71/2" exposure slate line.

I want to find the guy that came up with the name ‘Shangle’ and beat him to death.

Tar, have you seen that stuff [shangle] up close? It looks like a topographical map done in plastic relief… ugly doesn’t even remotely begin to explain it, that’s for sure.

I’ve only done one in Shangle & that was 3 years ago to a hail job. I tried desperately to get the customer to switch to some other high dollar product & they considered it but went back to the same thing that was on the house.

I explained the Shangle was a high dollar product & he could do a lot with that kind of insurance money if the roof was replaced with something other… but he declined.


That would have been insurance fraud.

I think he meant that he could do a lot better with his roof for that kind of money. That’s how I understood it anymay. Maybe I was wrong.*

Mexi is right. Any other kind of a lateral move in product or even an upgrade with less out of pocket expense.

Believe me, if anyone on this board is the “full deductible” guy, it’s me.