3 tab VS dimensional

Hello, new to the forum and need help concerning the price difference between above types of shingles. I realize there are many factors to consider, but generally speaking, comaring 20 year vs 20 year and similar quality, what kind of price difference should I expect?

I have been lurking a while and am amazed at the amount of info on this forum.

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hello texastom,
yes it is hard to keep up with this forum.

three tab on low slopes( under 4/12/p).
demensionals on steeper slopes (4/12/p and up)
if ya have the slope, put the demensionals on,
its a nobrainer.


Thanks Gweedo,

What is the price difference per square for dimensional over the 3 tab?

a few hundred dollars

I have a question regarding these dimensional shingles.
I live in a condo complex, and currently the buildings have a cement tile roofing installed (not the barrel type – the tiles are white in color and are flat.)
The tile roofs are now at the end of their lives and have to be replaced. Because cost is an issue, the condo complex hired a roofing inspector to come out and see what we would need. The inspector siad it would be possible to replace our tile roofs with dimensional asphault shingles. The inspector said that the roofing company would use a special type of membrane underneath these shingles to further prevent any water penetration.
Now I live in the state of Florida and the hurricanes have hit my area several times. I would like to know…are the dimensional asphault shingles safe to use in the state of Florida, or should we not use them beause of the possiblility of hurricane damage?
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We use dimensional shingle in Alaska and most all brands have the “Metro Dade Approved” stamp printed on the cellophane strip on the backs of the shingles. This being said , I would assume that Florida is a great place to test shingles against gail force winds.
Dimensional shingle hold up to the high winds we get of the mountians. Being a solid shingle helps .


happy to help texastom and good luck with your roof poject.

hello michaels,
i live in tampa bay and demensionals hold up better in a storm than three tabs , but in a cat 4 or 5 hurricane all shingles go bye bye, all shingles.
the only roof that ive seen stay on in a 4 or 5 is the 5 v crimp metal roof.
everything else bye bye. standin seam metal , tile, b.u.r. , wood shake, torchdown, foam, metal shingles, all bye bye.
5 v crimp and 5v crimp only, stays on.

good luck.


Well, if a hurricane (category 4 or 5) comes through and wee have a properly installed dimensional shingle roof, will the damage be minor (only some shingles blow off) or are you talking about severe damage where all the shingles rip off, so water gets in and the ceilings all cave in?

the latter
shingles off, water in , ceilin down,
roof deckin may stay on so you can tarp your mess after storm passes.
thats pretty much what goes down around here in a cat 4-5.
cat 3s are doable


Major bummer. Looks like I’m going to have to convince everyone to vote for some aluminum roofs instead…more cost but they last longer and won’t leeave us in shambles if we have a major hurricane.

There are several brands of shingles that are designed for the high wind. Malarkey is one brand. Some roofers “tab” the shingles in high wind areas. But, if the wind gets into the hundreds of miles per hour, just about everything will blow off. That includes the metal and the roof sheathing. Dollar for dollar, the architectural shingle is your best value for the buck.