30 or 50 year shingles

Should I buy 30 or 50 year shingles. How long will each really last.

they will last 30 and 50 yrs respectivly

well…you said you are doing a 2nd layer (in your other thread) and it is an income proerty. just go with the 30 year if that is the case. where did you decide to get them?

I decieded to tear them off and thinking now about holding on to it. I will probally go with GAF because I will buy the ridge vent there like you said.

Just because something has the 30 year in its name doesn’t mean that it will really last 30 years. that’s alittle naive.

30 yr shingle vs a 50 - how long will you hold on to it ? I push 30’s just for the fact that updating of the house will probably be done sometime and why wait 50 yrs we you can wait 30. 30’s are the homeowner budget shingle. They are the everyday shingle. 50’s will make the house look better and make it stand out in a good way. It comes down to how much $$ you want to spend.

Sounds like if I decied to hold it 50 is better and if i think I will sell some time in the next 10 years I should go with 30. thanks

Material is a portion of any roofing job, but not a majority of the expense. That said, if you are in it for the long term, and construct the roof to mfg specs, the 50’s could last 50, and the better investment.

30s out last 50s alot of the time.
some manufacture think that putin extra tar and granuals on the bottom
of a 30 yr shingle makes it a 50 yr.
i think all the extra tar and granualls and not enough fiberglass
makes them crak up , and deteriate , all the quicker.
i have torn off many 4 sq to a bundle shingle roofs.