30 yr Dimensional v Able/Mr. Roof Thunderguard


I posted this yesterday but it appears to have been deleted with the spams. I’ll give it another try.

I live in Central Ohio. 10 days ago a windstorm blew off a 12 X 10 foot section of shingles on my 15 yr. old home (Shingles are original; I believe 30 yr. GAF dimensional). It also loosened up some other areas.

My insurance adjuster agreed to replace the roof, about 28 square.

I tarped the roof and waited until a couple contractors were able to come out.

The first contractor is local and he will re-roof with 30 year dimensional (I believe he said Timberlines). He offers a 10 year labor guarantee.

This contractor stated he will be using subs for the labor.

The second contractor is Able Roofing, a large roofing contractor located in the Columbus, Ohio area. They are owned by the Crane Group, which is a large privately owned corporation that has been around for over 50 years and also owns TimberTech Decking, Crane Plastics, and Mr. Roof. I imagine they will be around for a long time.

The estimator said they will basically do the same job for about $500 more than contractor #1, using their own private label 30 year dimensional shingles.

Able Roofing also made a proposal using the ThunderGuard SBS Shingle Roof System.
The shingles are hail resistant and have a 110 mph wind rating.

Able will provide a lifetime warranty on this roof. This is appealing to me because I plan on living in this home for the rest of my lifetime.

The ThunderGuard would cost me about $2000 more than Able’s 30 year shingle.

I searched here for previous posts concerning Able/Mr. Roof, as well as these SBS shingles and I couldn’t find any new posts on the subjects since 2008.

The SBS Lifetime type shingles really appeals to me because I also had to have the roof replaced on my previous house about 3 years ago due to Hurricane Ike.

I imagine this will be the last roof my insurance will be willing to pay for.

By my estimate, my roof only had about 5 to 7 years left on it. My previous home was 9 year old with 25 year Certainteed 3 tab and it would have been lucky to have lasted another 5 or 7 years.

My insurance will pay for the 30 year dimensional roof, and I am willing to spend the extra money for a roof that will actually last close to 30 years and resist hail/wind damage.

What would you recommend? Thanks!

Read the fine print in the lifetime warranty before you get too excited.

There is a big difference between a 30 yr shingle and Thunderguard. Let me explain:
First of all, the 30 year shingle is a thing of the past, that is - in January of 2011, most of the major shingle manufacturers changed the 30 year warranty to “lifetime” warranty. In reality they took the exact same shingle and left about 20% of the pro-rated value on the shingle, well, forever. That is how they get away with calling it a “lifetime” shingle…so, the 30 yr shingle now is a lifetime shingle. But little has changed unles you live in your house for 40 years - then you can collect like $200 if/when the “30 yr shingles” go bad.
Thunderguard is a rubberized SBS shingle. SBS is a modified asphalt which makes the shingle flexible and less succeptible to U.V. rays. The granules are not simply sprayed or sprinkled onto the shingle - they are compressed …that is why they are class 4 hail resisitant and STATE FARM insurance will even give you a discount on your insurance ( you can check out their website for proof ).Also, the shingle uses a poly mat much stronger than typical fiberglass.
How long will the roof last? It will not last forever, but Able/Mr Roof is betting that it will outlast as long as you live there, for sure. And if it doesn’t - they will replace the entire roof at no charge to you … 100%.
Able/Mr Roof is owned by Crane , a well respected large employer and billion dollar international business based in Columbus Ohio. That is what is backing your warranty - pretty strong stuff, for sure.
Most of the replies and posts on roofing.com is from roofers, some that are not too fond of Able and Mr Roof … due to competitive reasons. and honestly, you might think this post is a little bias, and it is since I am the founder of Able Roof. I invite you to call me personally at 444-ROOF ( 7663 ) and I will give you more reasons to use us. We have the best warranty in the industry and we are approachable all the way to the top.


Thanks for the information Steve. As a follow up, can you or anyone else here tell me how many years these SBS shingles have been in use and your experience with them? Which manufacturer(s) make them? Thanks!

Steve, nice to see you post. Does Crane manufacture the Thunderguard shingles? If not, who does and where are they manufactured? Any chance of getting a plant tour, I’d like to see them manufactured myself. Finally, could you post a copy of the lifetime warranty you discussed at a high level of abstraction?

Thank you.

Thunderguard shingles are made by Malarkey in Portland, and are the same shingles as the Malarkey Legacy 50 year SBS Laminate.

I use the Malarkey SBS Legacys alot and are by far the best laminate on the market. They are so flexible and that I have installed them in winter many times including minus 20 and not a blow through on the shingle.If your gonna live in your house for a long time they are worth the extra money if you want an asphalt roof.

Thanks Daza Roofing, If Malarkey is the manufacturer of the ThunderGuard SBS shingles then that would be considered a plus, considering some of the positive posts I’ve seen on Malarkey shingles.

BHS65- I am founder of the company and obvioulsy we are very sensitive to our reputation and take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you would like to take this off line you can email me at stevew@ableroof.com or you can contact me by calling 614-444-ROOF. But, I thank everyone who posted to your comment and here is my reply:

Able/Mr Roof is part of Crane Manufacturing. We have been manufacturing since 1947 – we started out making Hula Hoops for Art Linkletter and then went on to invent vinyl siding by making the very first vinyl siding die in the late 1950’s. We manufacture many of our products and 3rd party manufacture some others as we cannot own and operate every factory for every product, but – certainly have products made to our specifications. Between Able and Mr Roof we have a combined experience of over 75 years – I think that is a pretty good testament to our experience and knowledge. We typically do not share who manufactures for us as we are under agreement not to advertise who makes our products – especially since we sometimes actually compete with them. I can tell you that we control the specifications and typically our products are different in their weight, composition, and formula.

We invite people to check out our Dun & Bradstreet rating (compared to the industry average we are certainly the safest bet!!!) and judge for themselves -because we are financially solid and are part of a family owned international building products producing close to a billion dollars of product annually, employing thousands of people, and for over 50 years.

We stand behind our warranty and treat our customers right. We are the consumer’s safest choice and most logical choice.

Steve Weyl

You should run for President with that ability to spin an answer and dodge the question. Thanks anyway!

Funny thing. Mr. Roof has a “B-” rating in Cincinnati. Do you realize how hard it is to screw up a BBB rating in Cincinnati? You really have to make people upset to pull that off. Unless you’ve changed your contracts recently I’d say they’re still designed to scam people. One shady line item after another. 23 complaints in the last 36 months dating to March 2011!! Those complaints range from workmanship to sales practices. Yeah! Go ahead and hire Able/Mr. Roof. I’d do your BBB homework first. :slight_smile: Atlas makes that SBS shingle too!

[quote=“Steve Weyl”]BHS65- I am founder of the company and obvioulsy we are very sensitive to our reputation and take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you would like to take this off line you can email me at stevew@ableroof.com or you can contact me by calling 614-444-ROOF. But, I thank everyone who posted to your comment and here is my reply:

We stand behind our warranty and treat our customers right. We are the consumer’s safest choice and most logical choice.

Steve Weyl[/quote]

Seems those words don’t exactly jibe with the B rating with the Cincinnati BBB. What’s up with that?

Thanks for all the good banter and I will start posting more to Roofing.com as I feel I have plenty to contribute.
As for the BBB rating in Cinci, yes, we currently have a B rating there, and A ratings in every other market. Unfortunately, we had one bad manager in Cinci that did a poor job following up with customers in a timely manner. He was fired some time ago and we are doing good business there with a very high degree of customer satisfaction (we constantly poll and survey our customers in that and every other market since this episode to make sure we don’t go through that again!)
Almost all of the complaints were about this manager’s slowness to respond to customers - but - every complaint has long been resolved.
If we did not care about our customers we would not take the time in responding to their needs or to posts.


p.s. to my fellow roofers - Able / Mr Roof does not downgrade the competition and I can be contacted personally if that would ever occur. I tell my customers that we do not have a lock on quality as there are other companies that equal in quality of workmanship. However, we do tell our customers to take an independent look at our financial condition, longevity, and products and make an intelligent decision.

Thanks for the input. I had already checked Able Roofing on the BBB and Angie’s List and they were rated A by BBB of Central Ohio and B by Angie’s List, with most recent scores being A’s.

I would think that just by their volume of business there would be a higher total number of complaints on the BBB site than for a smaller business.

I will share with this forum my experience with whomever I end up hiring.

Anyhow, does anyone else besides Mr. Weyl and Daza Roofing have experience with the SBS shingles? Are they worth the difference in cost if you plan to live in your house another 20-30 plus years? Thank You.


I guess you can hope you aren’t one of the unlucky few that gets caught up in the numbers game. I can buy into that statement to a degree but over 20 complaints?

If you’re truly going to live in that house for another 20 years + and their lifetime rating covers everything (not too many caveats that disallow coverage), including damages to your interior when you get a leak, then perhaps using them would be good. The other consideration is how much the premium for the private labeled Malarkey shingles is. Don’t be confused, a quality 30 year laminated architectural shingle should last you 25 years plus if installed correctly. If there is a major hail storm or extreme high winds, I doubt the lifetime warranty covers you anyway and that qualifies as an insurance claim. Good luck with your decision!

Thanks Authentic_Dad,

I have the damaged areas well covered, so I don’t have to be in too big of a hurry to make a decision.

Not to criticize here, but if the SBS shingles are exceptional, why hasn’t a national picked up on them?
Malarkey and Atlas may well have a niche market, but you’d think they’d open a plant in the Midwest and get the product out the door if it was so superior to F-glass. I don’t know… just asking

Hi BHS65,

You mentioned you don’t plan ever moving from your current home. With that statement my first question to you would be have to be have you looked at any other material other than shingles? for example metal, slate, tile, synthetic, etc. When I think long term roof I do not think shingles. Most shingled roofs do not last more than 25 years espicially here in Ohio. Also do not fall for a lifetime warranty. Whether it is the manufacturer or the installer. The “legal” definition of “lifetime warranty” is 7 years. Therefore anyone offering a lifetime warranty is being misleading. No roof lasts forever. Additionally ask for a copy of the warranty. if it is several pages long it is not worth the paper it is written on. For example my warranty is 1 page 1 side it simply says if our workmanship fails we fix it period.

You are much better off with a company that is smaller and family owned and operated.  This way you deal with people who look to you as more than a customer or a just a #.  To the small family business you are their livelyhood.  Their job is more than a just a job unlike the salesman working for the big company.  The small business man works for himself and therefore he and his employees have more pride in their work.  

If you go with asphalt/sbs shingles find a contractor that is certified by a major material manufacturer like Certainteed or GAF/ELK.  Purchase the optional warranty for example the "CertainTeed SureStart Warranty."  This will take away your worries about the small family business going out of business and your warranty going with it.  This way your warranty is backed by the material manufacturer not just the contractor/installer. 

Not knowing your age I don’t know how long your roof needs to last but consider this… If you go with an asphalt shingle upgrade to a shingle that has weight per 100 square feet (1 square) of at least 300 lbs per square. However I would recommend metal, or synthetic over asphalt. They will outlast any asphalt shingle everytime. They have a better wind and hail warranty as well. In Ohio that is a big plus. Also for whatever it is worth IMHO opinion if you go with asphalt go with CertainTeed. They have the best raw materials, best warranty, best service, best research & development, therefore they are the best. From what I have seen lately they are the only company who is advertising the weight of their shingles. Simply because with rising oil costs in the last few years other manufacturers have removed asphalt and added something else that isn’t nearely as good as asphalt.

Thank You Liberty Roofing and Construction for all that useful information.

I’m in my mid 40’s so I hopefully I’ll be around long enough see at least 1 more asphalt shingle roof in my lifetime.

I haven’t seen much in the way of synthetic or real slate on the newer homes in my area. I have looked at some photos on Certainteed’s site of their synthetic slate and it would look great on my brick home. I’m afraid to guess what real or synthetic slate would cost. I don’t think we’d like the look of a metal roof on or house.

I’m going to take my time and get a couple more people out to look at things. I’ve been looking online and the Owens Corning Duration Premium and the Certainteed Landmark/TL shingles both appear to be good quality shingles.

Thanks Again!