3c network

Has anybody been approached by these guys and if so what did you think about their product/service?

We have been, they sent a very nice looking sales lady to come present it to the company. The major issue was everything was “will be” once [c3] does this we will be able to do this&that etc. Every detail questioned was answered with “we do not know for sure until we get this up”… @ one point she even said something along the lines of “can you imagine how frustrated some of the contractors that have been waiting for 9 months!”

What I took away from it, I like the concept I like that it is damn near free, I don’t buy into the warranty bullshit and since my company offers a better/included warranty I doubt I will be able to add value to it.

I question the claim program or estimation, I’m sure it will be take a picture of every pipe jack, drip edge, etc etc. And then just put that basic info into xactimate…hell if i am climbing around getting all those photos/info for them why heck would I not spend the 15 mins longer it would take to enter in xactimate. And their supplements, again if i already have knowledge of whats on roof, and photo evidence to back up a supplement i do not need to pay someone X% to make a 15 minute call to a claims rep.

I’m not completely sold but i like the idea, the cheaper eagle views and I see it helping the loose cannon non-organized type of salesmen.

Thanks sponge.

Connect the dots…

I became a member about a month ago. Like sponge, $40 per eagleview is a great deal. You also have access to free online training programs for those salespeople who complain they were undertrained but you feel they receive more training than anyone else in the company. If you work wherever the storm hits I believe it will be very beneficial once they are more recognized. And I feel they will honor the warranty but if they must pay out money for a few of your warranties you will probably be dropped. That’s just my assumption. But I think they have great ideas, it was founded by an individual who has a large legitimate roofing company, and in the short period of time I’ve been a member I’ve saved $300.


Looked it over yesterday. No contract. No monthly payment. Useful tools and software. Discounted satellite reports. Maybe I missed some of the dots.

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[quote=“DeraDiogserox”]Welcome to you! You can introduce yourself here I think if you can send me a PM …
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You see what happens when we have open borders.

My company has just started up with 3C and I’m a bit skeptical. What insurance companys are on board with this whole process? I find it hard to believe the major carriers will not send out adjusters like they always have. How many leads are 3C distributing to roofing companies?

I’ve been a 3c member for around 6 months now. The roofis will be hard to get my salespeople to use but everything else I’m happy with. They told me they weren’t gonna have it running wide open untill spring of 2013 but I’ve done two MetLife inspections. One didn’t have much damage so I just send 3c a bill for $100. The other was a 51 sq decently profitable job. I can really see the value in it while working out of town. The HO trusts me a little more since the insurance company sent me. The carrier was Metlife on both. Both jobs were rural areas where it costs the insurance company more to send an adjuster there. From my discussion with 3c they got really good reviews of my reports and performance. If a storm hits this spring in some of the small towns around us they are telling me I can get a great amount of claims through 3c.

The 3C hub has a ton of educational pdf for new salespeople. You could make a car salesman a certified CAT adjuster in 2 weeks if you can make him sit down and study the material.

Ideally I prefer working around home but ideal storms don’t always happen. I’m always for a network that is trying to seperate the fly by nights from the good guys.

Bottom Line: I get 50% off CAD reports that are in my email within 1 to 3 hrs. Educational info for salespeople. A good call-in job that would have cost me advertising $ to get typically. All of the above and I haven’t paid anything for it besides purchasing 3 C stickers for vehicles.