40 SQ-16" X 1/2" Wood Shake Tear Off

How many yards of dumpster space should a 40 SQ wood shake tear off require? The shakes are 16" long and 1/2" thick.

Thank you again, this web site is a real life saver.

I’d say 2 or 3, 20 yard dumpsters. All depends if you want somone packing the crap down as you rip it off or not. Cedar doesnt sit nice and tight like other materials.

How many layers of shingles to go with that? I would think 2 40 yarders but hey we have dump trucks so it has been awhile.

I crammed 20sq’s of machine made cedar shingles into a 14 yard trailer once.

Did a 25sq three layer tear off with a layer of machined wood, hand splint, and asphalt shingles. Seperated the shingles as we went and made two full loads with a skid loader of wood shingles.

Today we tore off 35 squares of New Horizons and it took up about 8-9 yards of space. The shingles were tossed into the trailer flat which really makes a big difference.

Questions for you:

Are you the “end user” of the new roof?

Are you doing the tear off yourself & need to know how many dumpsters to order (or) are you trying to see if your contractor is overcharging for dump fees?

it depends if it breaks up much the felt in between is kinda brutal if you want i can take pictures of the nasty one were ripping now hehe j/k its the worst of all if you ask me… I can’t think of one trick for ripping them off the nails stink

seriously…why respond to 1 year old posts?

sorry havent been around in awile wasn’t paying attention its starting to slow down with bad weather

Yes, 6 nails. Especially in hurricane or high wind prone areas & on a mansard roof or slopes of 12:12 or more.

The six nail thing is a joke and actually on anything over a 12 pitch you need daub of tar every 12" inches and 6 nails ups the wind warranty