5 day comletion time

we started a job last thursday and are finishing it tomarrow,which will be tuesday.so it took us 4 buisness days. the homeowner is upset that we did not work saturday and easter. i cant believe somone would want us there on easter on a residential house. we told him 5 days completion time.

That must have been 1 big job. yea been there done that

it was about 60 sg. shingle tearoff with full deck water barrier. so 4 days was not that bad, its normally 3 days total. i just cant believe he may want to call his attorney for not finishing it on Easter.

Sounds like he would find any reason to call his lawyer. Tell him its against your religion, .also, sounds like you may be getting ready to file a lien.Best of luck to ya-ray

What a bunch of BS. If he hesitates to pay at all, I would file a lien immediately. I doubt he would get anywhere in court anyway. Easter in a residential neighborhood!!!HAHAHAHAHAH

By the way, when I give time estimates, its just that, an estimate. Might be a little longer, might be a little shorter. Was there any consequences to him? IE did it rain? Did he have water damage? Did his nephew get a nail in the foot on easter sunday? If not tell him to please send a check and quit his whining. the nerve of some people.

Call his lawyer :roll: ? If you are like me, you use every method to find these bozos. I had my village idiot today, and I said good bye and hung up on him. I am so thankful he showed his true colors (for the third time - yes, I too am the eternal optimist) before I put on his roof and had to move in there to fix all his dreams.

I hope you own this guy’s house after it is all said and done.

Here’s a line in my proposal. Just added it last year. Might want to add something similar

Upon start, job will have daily progress until completion, with exceptions for holidays, weekends and inclement weather.

I would say ya got him with your ESTIMATE it was an estimate not a contract,also is it not a stat holiday?it is up here in canada…also with someone like that i would double check all my worknanship,Just to be sure w/pics.

Hmmm, amazing that anyone would expect someone to work Easter but I have to ask… why was the job scheduled as to fall over the holiday?

Tell him, 'fine call your lawyer". You will win this in a civil case and he will end up paying your attorney’s fees also.

Unless you have specifically stated in your contract that the job will be completed within 5 days and you did not stipulate “business days”.

nice to see the world is still run by litigation.(note sarcasm)