5 month mark - maine roofing

So I’m 5 months in and have had some success! Major like im not here to brag but I wanted to maybe get in touch with a seasoned veteran. I’m in over my head and need a mentor ill pay if need. Tonyglidden@mainelyroofingandsiding.com

5 months in what? Some success is always good, unless you’re suicidal…


Success after 5 months? Tighten your belt, you’re in for some times. I do wish you well though.

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yea on pace to do 1.5 million my first 7 months. started with $200 and no truck or tools

Taxes and withholding paid, insurance audit covered?

Work comp in place? I’m calling bullshit on 1.5 mil in 7 months starting with no truck or tools. I believe some details are being left out but if not congratulations!

I dont bullshit man, no workmans comp I sub almost everything out. 1.5 million is what we are projecting at 700k now . Why would I come on here to lie? I’m coming on to get some support ! I have proof if you wanna see it but here is my roofing only.

No license truck or tools get it right. There’s a reason im close to getting a 500k investment from a private lender and ive only been open 5 months. Check us out

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I hope you succeed, I root for any roofer doing things the right way to kick ass. It was disingenuous talking about no trucks or tools though if you’re subbing everything out. Check back in 3 years and I wish you luck.