5 v Crimp?

What is the meaning of 5v crimp? Is it an actually product, or a weight, means of installing, or???

Thanks. Lisa

5 v crimp is a style, of a metal roof panel.
you have different styles of metal roofs which have different looks.
one of them is 5 v crimp and thats the style you see on old southern
farm houses, the country style tin roof.
it is called 5 v crimp, because when you look at the end of the panel it has 5 - 1" Vs bent into it or crimped into it as it goes throught the machine.

eya later.


Why is 5V crimp considered good for windy areas as opposed to other metal roofing styles? What would be it’s advantage?

I believe its attractiveness is its price. It costs about half of what standing seam or factory-finished metal panels do. Spec-home builders can use it and sell it as a “metal roof” and many buyers can’t distinguish between standing seam, prefinished panels and 5 v crimp. Around here, it’s dismissively called “barn tin”.

 Disclaimer - I am not a roofer, just a homeowner

5 v crimp holds up best in high wids simply cause it has 2 " screws with big washers, holdin it down about every sqaure ft.
other systems just dont have the screws every where.


Many thanks, that pretty much answers all of my questions on that one!