5v Crimp Pricing

I am a resident of a condo complex which currently has concrete tile roofing. We are now re-roofing the entire complex, and there are two options we have, other than just getting a new cement tile roof.

One option is dimensional shignles, which I already asked this forum about. That is not the way I want to go becaue they can blow off in a major hurricane and leave the place in a mess.

5v crimp is another option, but I don’t know what the pricing will be. How much more will 5v crimp cost than high-quality dimensional shingles?

Also, if we did get 5v crimp, could we install 5v crimp on a roof that previously had the cement tiles? (Of course they would have to break off the cement tiles) but otherwise could it be done?

In case you needed to know, these are the type of tile we have right now