6/12 pitch

Im haveing a roof loaded that is a 6/12 pitch.How should I prepare the roof to be loaded?I know I have to put 2x4s down to hold the material before its laid.How high?Plywood as well?I know some of you guys a familiar with this,whats the best way?

You can either put the shingles over the old shingles or tear off and paper in prior to setting down shingles. If your going to load it and come back put the shingles over shingles but if your going to shingle it or at least paper it in same day tear off first.

On 6/12’s measure down about 23 inches and put the top of the 2x4 at that measurement. put the first bundle down sideways flat and the second half way across the first and that should make a level plain for the next three and the next three you can load cross ways.

On tear offs I only stack four rows high or less. Too much weight on an older house isn’t a good thing.

6/12 isnt that steep .
just load it like normal and run some 2x4 along bottom of stack to keep from slidin.


right on,thats what I thought.Its new construction.Ill just scater 2x4`s at top of roof.Thanks,Johnny

my bad it was 8/12.Homeowner was wrong.Handled it thanks for ALL the help…