70%of profit

is this real there go to be a gimmit here
We need 2 excellent salesman . 70 percent of the profit is yours!!! We only want the best and wont settle for anything less. 9 1/2 year local company and we share and office with Allstate insurance. We will supply contracts, flyers, etc, and you make the sales. We build the job in less than 24 hours. No one else has this paygrade. This is only going to 2 salesman and thats it!! Call today because these positions will be filled by tomorrow. Even though its Sunday, I will be available.

Where did you see this ad?,the reason I ask is I am going to call and if asked I need to know where I “found” the ad.

roofmaster417 i pm you the full ad it from a craiglist ad in knoxville tn


I office at home. I could toss in my gas, electric, water and phone. Of course, I could pass on my taxes and insurance. Then, I could put my business insurance on the deals. Then, I could add my mortgage payment.

Wait a minute, why aren’t I?

Oh, I would have salespeople for one “deal” that earned nothing.

Of course, I wouldn’t take weeks to train anyone, but I’d throw them out there on their own.

I wouldn’t consider advances while the salespeople wait 6-8 weeks for the delay tactics from the insurers and mortgage companies, to earn commissions.

In other words, 70% of nothing is still nothing. Don’t be fooled by the percentage. It is meaningless. Go with a solid company that is reputable. You’ll be better off than chasing a rabbit.