8" or 10" ridge cap?

I am having Landmark TL’s delivered next week and I can’t decide on the ridge cap. I am using shingle vent and am wondering which cap will look best between the 2. I suppose you are only gaining 1" on both sides.

Another question, is the tint in Black Oak red or brown? On roofs it looks red to me, but in the showroom it looks brown.

You’re using the best shingle.
So awesome u can Afford that and are willing.
What a stunningly beautiful roof.

Use Owens Cornings ridge vent for the best shingle vent.
No exceptions.

Never heard of 8 or 10 inch Certainteed ridge cap.
Shadow ridge–and it’s 12 inches.

The mountain ridge is available in 8" and 10" widths.

Most ridgevents are 12" wide.

Mountain ridge isn’t available in my area so I am unfamiliar with it but it seems strange that it would be offered in 2 odd sizes and not in the standard size.

Who told you that Mountain ridge comes in 8" & 10" widths?


Their website, and my distributor.

Certainteed sells the vent in 7" and 9", which would have to just the center measurement.

Get the wider stuff, especially for the ridge.

I put 10" Mountain Ridge on Lomanco 4-9 Ridge vent on my house, looks great and it’s functional too.

I ordered the 10". Do you have pics of your ridge and vent? Thanks