A Bad Day And A Good Day!

A bad day and a good day!

Just one hour ago, I received a phone call from a customer that we had just finished a roof for this past Wednesday. So, I dropped off the final invoice in her door since when I called, she told me that she was just leaving and I left a note saying I would call tomorrow sometime before noon to see if she would be available to make out the final payment at that time.

Then this happens.

Un-Frickin Believable!

The only additional charge on her invoice was for just one sheet of plywood in a leaky valley.

She calls my cell phone and immediately goes off on me about how I am a liar and a cheat, and that I had promised that there would be no charge if any extras needed to be done. She was screaming hysterically and called me a lying prick and then hung up on me and said she will not pay for anything over the original contract amount and if I want, I could take her to court and then the truth about what a lying cheat I am would come out.

In my contract, when we are installing ridge vents, we always remove all of the old mushroom vents and any wood required to seal up the old vent holes is included.

On an 8,500.00 original contract amount she had a grand total of extras of 64.00.

Ohhhh, the F’n migraine I got. I even had her live in boyfriend there several times during the job and he was aware of the one sheet of plywood and said if there is anymore, please go ahead and replace it even if it looks iffy.

Now, I am stuck waiting for this irate and irrational woman to bide her time to send me out the check, because she said if I come over there and step foot on her property, she will call the police. I wonder if she will send out the check within the next week as she said? She owes 2,564.00, but says she will not pay anything over 2,500.00

Thats fine with me. I just want to get paid. If I would have had any inclination, that a measley sheet of plywood would have created this much turmoil, I would have gladly done it for free, to be awash of her angst.

Next thing…

Two minutes later, the office phone rings and I dreaded that it was her calling from a different phone again, so I let it go to voice mail.

I quickly listen to the message and it is one of 2 woman “Partners”, I met with last week.

She said that she received all of her other bids in the mail and went through everyones details or specifications and her first inclination from a week ago was correct. I had the most thoroughly detailed proposal and she highly respected my desire to provide a full scope of work and a high quality system with no short cuts being taken in any areas.

I will be signing that one tomorrow.

It sure stifled the migraine I was starting to get from the earlier call.

Don’t you all just love the contracting business and the variety of customers who come with it?

Emotionally Spent,


you ever have a “witch” (self proclaimed) cast a spell on you to your face…but thats a story for another time

It seems like her curse worked.

You are still in roofing.

Hey, how did that spell hit me in Illinois?


Some home owners really like a highly detailed estimate and others only look at price.

It’s nice to find home owners that are looking for roofers who go the extra mile to do every thing right.

From time to time see other roofers bids and a good amount of them include replacing up to one or two sheets of decking in the estimate.

If a customer complains about wood replacement it would be a first. I handle it in a different way. When i find out its bad i call the person who signed the contract right then and let them know i fould lets say 6 sheets of ply bad. Takes the edge off of it and they know in real time what is happening. Sometimes if i fell its is needed i will lower my price on the wood and tell them they just owe me this. Sometimes i dont call when there is 1 piece since i have that in the bid already and let them know i replaced 1 piece and not to worry about it.

I had include about 3 1/2 half sheet for the replacement of decking for the old mushroom vent removal already.

She swore at me on the phone and called me a lying cheating prick. I think she thought that since I described that I was including the wood for the old vent holes, she assumed that any other wood was also included too.

Heck, I don’t give too much of a darn about one sheet, but now the remainder of the $ 2,500 payment is left at her whim as to if and when she will pay it.


It really really SUCKS when an item worth less then $10 dollars holds up thousands!

Something I experiance from time to time becuase we must usually wait for the insurance company to send final payment to our client has enough money to finish paying for the job.

Some people take that waiting period to totally nitpick the job to death! You go pick up the first payment when the job is done, the client says it looks great no troubles. Then three weeks later you go to pick up the final and bam you get a list of 10 of the lamest punch outs ever.

What are you to do? I keep a jar of vasoline in my truck. When a client produces the “LIST” I goto my truck and grab it and return. No words need be spoken once they see the vasoline, and I usually get my payment pronto.


Use this form or adapt it to your needs to head off the ever developing punch list after the fact.

TO: ___________________________________ Date: __________________
OF: ___________________________________ Substantial Completion Date


Did Right Way Roofing Company notify you by phone in advance regarding the scheduled start date?

Where you comfortable with the job progress, (allowing for weather delays)?

Was the job site manned adequately from the start to the finish?

Was the job site clean up done to your satisfaction, especially the end of job clean up with the rolling magnet?

Where you shown job progress photos documenting all of the work being done including any additional work required?

Did we leave you some left over materials for you to keep?

Were you aware of the daily supervision visits by the project manager and owner of Right Way Roofing?

What is your over all opinion of the quality of the roofing installation and the finished appearance of the new roof?

Are you satisfied with all of the flashing details? I.e. Chimney, drip edge, vent pipes, and all chimney housings and chases?

Are you satisfied with the appearance and functionability of the newly installed ridge and/or eave venting systems?

Were you kept advised of any additional work that might have been required? I.e. plank or plywood decking
repairs or overlay, unforeseen additional layers of roofing, additional ice and water shield, fascia and soffit condition, ventilation, sheet metal counter flashings, gutters with downspouts, and drip edge metals? Were you made aware of seasonal peculiarities involving colder weather shingle application appearances, if applicable?

Is there anything that we could have done to service you better during the course of this roofing project, ( besides controlling the weather for scheduling )?

Please list any additional comments that you would like to share that have not been specifically addressed.

Home Owner: ____________________________Submitted By: _______________________

              Date:  __________________________________                   Date: _______________________

Final acceptance and approval of the entire project shall be implied if this form is not filled out within one week.

Yeah we have the Happy Letter. Problem is getting the salesmen to actually have the home owner fill it out! LOL. I still prefer the vasoline, pictures are worth a 1000 words. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do most of the collections, so I make sure it is at least signed off.

If they do not, then immediately, we can find out the problem and address it and I request that they write down the problem so there is no confusion about the intent later on.