A bit of Repair work

A bit of fun at a gutter end today. Somebody cut the slate back to the wood install the gutter. Owner didn’t want changed or replaced. I other storm damage to repair in the area anyway, so modifed the roof to fit.

To start with, I wrapped the wood on the end so when the gutter plugs up, it can’t overflow into the soffit. The new wood was wrapped, as were the slate.
[attachment=2]Gutter End Series.jpg[/attachment]

Then I bibbed the gutter end with lead.
[attachment=1]Gutter End Series (2).jpg[/attachment]

Some of the repair work.
[attachment=0]Gutter End Series (3).jpg[/attachment]

The finished area. I even tossed in a 9x 26" slate to add more character just to the left.
[attachment=1]Gutter End Series (4).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment=0]Gutter End Series (5).jpg[/attachment]