A Good Question?

I’d like to ask all of you out there, what are the best questions you get from clients? The kind of question that makes you say: That’s a good question! The other day, someone asked me "#

Will you furnish me with a guarantee and manufacturers warranty? " and I thought “what a good question”. What other good questions are you all hearing out there?


What was your answer?

“What brand do you think is the best out there?”

“If it was YOUR house, how would you do this?”

“I had another guy out for an estimate & he said ______
… what do you think?”

“Do you mind if I give your guys a tip?” (On this one, he gave all 7 of them $ 10.00 each @ the end of the day “Enough to buy some beer” & I refunded this to him on his final bill with thanks for the tip to them but also let him know that wasn’t his responsibility to pay extra for a job well done, it was mine. I know this customer from sources outside of this one roofing job).

“When can you start?” (always my 2nd favorite)

“If you would prefer, I can get you ca$h.” (always my favorite)



I do not understand that.

Why would you take offense to your guys getting a tip?

Homeowners feed my guys. Do you refuse that too?

Homeowners sometimes give me the money to give to the guys. Sometimes right to the guys.

this one time around christmas we were on this roof and after we were done the lady came out and gave us all 40 bucks…I was working for a cheap boss at the time so i took it…
there was about 6 of us…
one of the guys tryed to refuse and she said…“it be rude not to except a gift”

How about this one,

H.O. says to the four man crew on sat. morning at seven a.m." This is unheard of in the annuals of roofing, a sober crew, on a saturday morning, thank you and here’s a tip for the crew" H.O. hands us five dollars each. The year was 2002 and after a no thank you, we took the cash.


How about this one,

“Will you please dip the wood shakes in water before you nail them to make sure the wood doesn’t split from the hand nails?”


“Are these the staples your going to put my shingles down with?” (While he’s holding a clip of 5/16in hammer tack staples).

The best to date was the retired head inspector for the largest town in MN. We sat down and he pulled out a 15 question sheet he’d typed just for the occasion.

Questions like,
Are you certified by your installer?
Does the shingle meet this requirement?
What type of ice and water shield and felt are you planning to use and do they meet this requirement?
What makes the shingle you plan to install resistant from algea staining?

After answering all the questions in short order I told him he needed to call some storm chasers over to see what they’de come up with for answers. Bet most would say,
“Let me get back to you on that” or “Can I come back with my boss”?

While we were loading the roof his wife called me and said, “Oh my all the weight on the roof are you sure it isn’t going to collapse”?

To my amazement he never really paid much attention to us working on his multi-million dollar spread. After talking with him for an hour or so in the 5 trips to his place I realized he was one of the smartest home owners I’d ever done a roof for.

Said to him after we did the job, “I wish all home owners new what you know, I’d get all my jobs”.