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hello, i am from germany. My job is a roofer and i have a company in berlin. My job is my passion. I learn everyday english and i want better of this way. I read attentive the topics. @ Dennis when you isolation inside the roof with rockwool and between wool and roof have 2 in , it`s the great aircondition. Soffit vent must have 5% from length the roof and ridge vent 3%. The rockwool size 8 in.

Guten Tag!

thank you. you to.

Guten Tag!
Ich habe Deutsch im Gymnasium gestudiert.
Auch, habe ich eine Reise bis Deutschland gemacht, bis Munchen, Frankfurt, Stuttgart usw.
Ich habe Deutschland gern, und auch den Deutscher Volk.
Dein Englisch ist besser als mein Deutsch.

thank you for the message. It`s easier for me to write in german than in english. I will learn english language also write in english. I used a dicitonary for my letter. From time to time it better, I hop so. I like the United States. I visit for vacation in three time the USA.

cool. How is the industry in germany. Do you make good money? I always wondered if i would get paid more to roof over seas or in china or some where crazy.
Whats the industry like there.

Here is the industy very hard. The people wish a mercedes on roof and wish paid a ford focus. Thats is really not good. Quality have a price. The government will high taxes from my money. We have 19% taxes and high paid medical. My dream is work and live in the United States. The german people is unfriendly together.

Simple M move. Find out just dont come to detroit michigan. Nothing here but a bunch of low ballers.

I not understand. My destination is Georgia.

Schöne Grüße nach Berlin!!

I’m from Germany,too. Yes the business is very difficult,here due to those roofers that work with too low prices.

Thanks for founding. where do you come from? Where do you life in the United States? My english is not good too. This rooferside its a good for learn english and get to know roofworking in the United States. I dont now, give a rule for roofing as Germany?

i like the german swept valley/slate with fish tails looks very hard to do

I am from Georgia. Where in Georgia do you want to live?

Well, actually it’S more supposed to be a kind of joke,Meki.My English isn’t that bad :smiley: …I think…

As someone mentioned he likes the German slate with fish tail look: Has anybody of you American guys ever seen how we in Germany do slate roofs? As slate roofing isn’t that common in all areas of Germany most roofers aren’t able to perform German slating well but we have to learn it and be able to perform it while appearing on vocational school and at our final pratical exams

Regarde the roofing art!


we do a swept valley in scotland but its no where near the same the german one i cant even figure out how its done

it sort of intertwines and sweeps at the same time in a curve

I think, I live in Wiley 2 hour from Atlanta to north near Great Smoky Mountains. The aunt from my wife live in Wiley. Learn roofer in Germany is a hard school. A time of learn is 3 years. I will to you present a picture from my work. How again ?


I would love to see some of your work.

My pictures are located here - click on the thumbnail.

Not quite up to the standards of UK,Euro roofing, but I’m trying.

You can set up your own album and use it to post your pics here on the forum.
Here is a page with directions.

If you need help, email me. Or If you want, you can email me your pictures and I can post them for you.

small round house in the gallery are mine done in barco slate

Hello Dennis,
thank you for tip. I put together my pictures from my work and present of this forum.