A price anyway

I would like an estimate.

1500 square feet,.one storie house.
Remove and Replace 1190 sf hip roof dimensional shingles,
Remove and Replace 300sf 1st flat roof,
Remove and Replace 255 sf 2nd flat roof
Remove and Replace all fascias 205 linear feet
And soffits 210 linear feet,
Remove and Replace 600 sf of rotten sheathing
Remove and Replace 8 rotten rafters.

Give me a price anyway.

Is $12000 will do the job.

let me know.

Just post a picture !!!

ok ok 215k but thats as low as i go

Maybe, maybe not. It would be close.

Seriously cantave, We do not have enough information to give you an honest price. I would not be fair to you if we gave you a price without even looking and what we are bidding on. It could be 5000 it could be 15000 dolaars we have no clue unless we see some pictures of the home and the flat decks. We are not trying to be difficult we are just trying to give you good advise. Anyone that gives prices without even looking at what you are talking about is just plain out foolish. We need pitch length and width of home, pictures of the flat decks and height and obstructions of home. Please supply us with this information so we can give you a solid estimate on what you have. Hope to see the pictures, happy after thanksgiving sales.

very good gtp1003.
very good indeed.
and i think that if you have been roofing long enough that you have givin a ball park figure to someone without seein the job, atleast someone in your neighboorhood, and i wouldnt think that is foolish.


why did cantave edit the only butt-kissing post directed toward me? im usually being told how incompetent I am. The change was nice.

again if this is a run of the mill 80s built miami suburb house ill be down there next week for 12 grand.
12 grand can get you a good roofer for 15 sq.
again i could do that work in a couple of days.