A pricing question on Certainteed Landmarks

for Certainteed experts

using the 30 yr Certainteed Landmark series as the base, what is the estimated upcharge on 40 sq going to:

Landmark Plus 40 yr

Landmark Premium

Landmark TL

Southeast location

thank you

Certainly not an expert, but prices I received a few months ago was $70 for 30 year, $115 for premium, and $150 for TL. Prices are (of course) up since then.

Also southeast location.

I chose the TLs, and am installing them now.

They really look nice, and I am glad I upgraded to them.

Hope this helps,


It really depends on where you are at.

Thank you for your reply.

My location is Southeast US non-coastal.

It seems that Certainteed and GAF/Elk are the dominant brands in my area. My building material company sells both.

I was reading another thread in this forum which got me thinking. See copy and paste below.


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We normally use Malarkey when considering a 30 and 40 year shingle. Malarkey offers a few interesting patented designs for both of these. A nailing zone 3.5 time larger than any other manufacturer, tapered laminated edges so that the shingle lays flatter on a surface, and a “your choice” warrantee program where they will honor any other manufacturers warrantee.

But when considering a 50 year shingle I don’t believe any other manufacturer can come close to Certainteed’s “TL” series. Malarkey’s 50 year boasts a higher wind and impact rating because of the high SBS content in the shingle, but falls short with the flimsy 2 layer design.

On a 30sq roof your only looking at at an extra $600 to upgrade to the TL.

Also, I believe the 50 year TL retains 20% product warrantee after the 50 year mark.

I am not certain what the base is on the $600 upcharge-maybe the Malarky 50 yr(which I have never heard of in my area).

Obviously, you read good things about the Certainteed Landmark TL. what about the Certainteed Premium?

Because of poor weather my re-roofing job has been delayed and was wondering about an upgrade to the TL or Premium over the GAF/Elk Timberline Prestique HD 30 yr.

Any help on upcharge range on the Landmark TL and Premium from the Landmark 30 yr(price same as GAF/Elk Prestique HD 30 yr) would be appreciated. For some reason shingle dealer(not roofer) prefers the 50 yr Certainteed over the 50 yr GAF/Elk.


the supply houses want to make more. they will tell u whatever makes them more .this month they will say certs. next month it will be elks.

I prefer Certainteed over GAF/Elk but they are both very good products.

Pick what you like, they are both quality products.

Thank you for your reply.

But the question is the upcharge from a Certainteed Landmark 30 yr or GAF/Elk Timberline Prestique HD 30 yr to either:

Certainteed Landmark Premium 50 yr

Certainteed Landmark TL 50 yr

just a close range.
Southeast location non coastal


In my area GAF/Elk costs more than Certainteed.

I don’t know about your area.

any other ideas on the pricing differences?


You can call your local roofing supplier, they will tell you all the prices.

We are all in different regions and prices vary by region, so we really can’t answer your question accurately.

Also If you buy common things like felt,I&W shield and gun nails by the pallet you can get a great price. drip edge you can get a good deal if you can buy direct.

for RooferJ

just a lowly homeowner here

what exactly is a drip edge? I have a rather expensive gutter system called Leaf-Guard that butts up to the fascia board and has a lip that first line of shingles sits over.

where are drip edges indicated?


Drip edge goes around the perimeter of the roof. It would be installed on the rakes and eaves. If you have gutters a gutter apron could work better on the eaves.

Drip edge is not code in my area but we put it on most jobs. The jobs we don’t use it are the very old houses with a crown molding on the eaves and rakes or on homes with cedar with a paint color we can’t get a close match with the drip edge. I still show the colors that would look best and leave it up to the home owner to decide.

The Landmark Premiums and Landmark TL’s are both 50 year/lifetime shingles. The Premiums are available in a “Max Definition” line while the TL’s are available in less colors.

The weight will vary from region to region but here in MN the Premiums weight 300 lbs per square and the TL’s weigh 330 lbs per square. The TL’s are a true triple layer laminate. Rather than having one layer of laminate adhered to the shingle there are two adhered on top of each other.

On a 30sq roof your only looking at at an extra $600 to upgrade to the TL.

Also, I believe the 50 year TL retains 20% product warrantee after the 50 year mark.

I am not certain what the base is on the $600 upcharge-maybe the Malarky 50 yr(which I have never heard of in my area).

The price given was the difference in “Cost”, excluding added labour between a Malarkey 50yr sbs and a Landmark TL (The Ultimate) 50yr.

Hope that helps.

its a shame allied branch in pittsburgh doesn’t even carry certainteed anymore and i have the shingle master company cert i loved certainteed… i’m fine with OC durations too… not a big fan of GAF… but i don like their grand sequoias because there isn’t any weeps… hurt your feet though if your walking on them all day…kinda like walking on a gravel driveway

are you just trying to see if your roofer is charging you too much for an upcharge?

or are you doing it yourself, and seeing if the supply house is over charging you?

either way, your time would likely be better served, either getting a few more estimates from other roofers, or call other supply houses.

10 minutes of phone calls would likely answer all your questions.