A question about loading high roofs

I’ve been strictly a residential re-roof guy for a while, but am starting to get involved in shingling some condos (new construction). The distributors in this area drop shingles, they do not load the roof. My crews use laddervators to put materials on the roof, but that will be impossible on the condos that I am now estimating as they are three stories tall and the laddervators only go 30’.
I assume that I will have to have someone come to the jobsite and load the material with a Lull. Does anyone have experience with this? What kind of costs (ballpark) am I going to run into?
I’m about to make some calls on this, but wondered what to look out for, how much it should be costing me, etc.


In my area, I hear peopl calling the conveyor truck laddervators.

Laddervators, as I have always known them are a ladder based elevator with a cart on the ladder section, a motor, and a winch. We have 40 ft. available.

conveyuer trucks in my area have 45 foot reach on some of them…also almost every supplier has at least a 45 foot boom (drywall) truck. some reach up to 75 feet. also every one of my suppliers bradco, lakeside, abc, b&l, 84 lumber (who is the worst supplier in the history of mankind) will stock the roofs for me up to an 8/12 pitch with 2x4’s nailed just below the peaks. look into another supplier if they wont work with you. trust me everyone wants your money :smiley:

sometimes there are stairs you can set a ladder on.
and there are hatches sometimes on the three story roofs look for that.


Call a Crane Truck company and get them to hosit on the roof dont know how much it will cost but up in B.C. Canada its around 150 - 200 an hr.

Should not take more then 1hr.

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You can get Reiman-Georger shingle hoists rated for 400 lb. capacity that have bolt together ladder sections that go 44’.
The base section with the platform is 16’,and you bolt on a 16’ an 8’ and a 4’ section.
You should also use the mid span brace they sell to keep the middle from bellying under the load.

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