A question about roofs

what are durolast roofings? is it more economical than other roofings?

Its a white pvc type roof system. Is is more economical?
Probably not. I believe it costs more than most manufactures white single ply materials and its also thinner than most. And in my opinion not the best choice for a white roof.

Here we go duralast is a good product but there are some draw backs install you have to have a great durolast estimator.And you must becareful not to over streach the sheet and the tools to lay this system are costly.I do about 20 a yr not my favorite roof but its a low labor high cost system and i do have a few going on 20 yrs now but that being said 15 yrs is there warranty.

20 a yr.
smacarac big comany


I used to do between 50 -75 per year for about a 10 year stretch, but the pre-fab system costs between 105.00 to 130.00 per square including all accessories and shipping costs for smaller cut up jobs with a lot of detail custom made flashings.

The pros:
Pre-fab system eliminates a lot of in field seaming work. Good range of accessories. Easy simple ordering format and contractor customer service.

The Cons:
Don’t let the sales rep know what jobs you are bidding on, because all of a sudden, even though you developed the lead, several other contractors wil be given the lead. Unscrupulous ethics by those guys and no protection of your work developed. They sign up anyone who passes the “Sign Your Name Here” test. Good training in the factory for the crew leader, but does that translate to good training by the crew leader to the rest of the crew? Good strength and puncture resistance test results, but too easy to actually get inadvertent slices by other tradesmen working on the roof, especially HVAC contractors and their service panels.

If the company uses guys that they pay $ 15.0 per hour and less, it is a cheap system, but for companies that pay higher, they may seem out of the ball-park.

I recommend seeing several similar installations from a contractor and seeing how neat and uniform all of the details are installed.