A question of ethics?

One of the insurance companies that we are a preferred contractor for made an error on a job I just finished,…that error is the house was supposed to be 3-layers and the sunroom 1 layer and the detached garage was 2 layers.Well the house was actually 2-layers the sunroom 2 and the detached garage is 3-layers.What would you do? No the insurance companies would not miss a little coin?,maybe but I really think it best to inform them.,I do alot of work for them and would not want to ruin a good thing.I have not submitted my final yet since I am wrestling with my conscience
House 20.66sq.
Sunroom 3sq.
Detached garage 10sq.

1 I would tell them.
2 ask yourself,…are they testin ya??

Wouldn’t an insurance company having a preferred contractor be collusion and thus illegal or am I totally off base here?

I seriously doubt they are testing you. Very, very easy to make this mistake.

Ask yourself this. Had the situation been reversed, would you have been submitting a supplement to recover the additional charges? I suspect you would have which is the right thing to do. I think the right thing to do is obvious here as well.

I had a similar situation and called up the Adjuster to alert him of what happened. He thanked me and said it would cost the company more in labor to figure out how to process a credit than the dollars involved. So he said to keep it and enjoy an early Christmas Present. We pocketed around $1,200 more and scored points with this Adjuster in the process, I had a clear conscience.

A.D your right.,with the xtra for the 3rd lyr and the 2nd lyr it would hardly be worth having that on my mind.

A preferred contractor isn’t illegal its a blessing.

Many of the insurance companies have multiple preferred vendors. It is much more common with water mitigation, fire & smoke and mold but it is common for roofing and exterior as well. While some Agents (most common) and some Adjusters may try to push the Preferred Vendor on the Homeowner, most if not all policies cannot dictate that the Homeowner use the Preferred Vendor.

Problem is, if the Insurance Company dictates the vendor choice, there is implied responsibility/liability for the quality of the work. Kind of a slippery slope. Many of the Insurance Companies scope of loss have explicit language stating the Homeowner is responsible for the choice of vendor and the insurance company assume NO liability for the quality of the work.

Who’s gonna miss that 10sq more?

You or an insurance company.

[quote=“bcdemon”]Who’s gonna miss that 10sq more?

You or an insurance company.[/quote]

Good rationalization, that justifies everything.

We all have been in situations where we take a little extra change…because no one will know the difference. But when there is a distinct paper trail that could come back to haunt you, then it is always best to cover your yourself and be honest and true.

The worst that can happen is you recieve the money your due

I called my adjuster and he is out of town till the 4th of january.,I can submit it now but I will wait to discuss the error that way his boss will hear it from him and not me.Nothing like a tattle-tale,.it seems office workers are the worst for rumor control.

I agree tell them. Dont ever bite the hand that feeds you.

I called my adjuster and he thanked me for my honesty and he said it would offset the summary so DON’T worry about it but he said what I would like to know is why isn’t your final matching my final(adjusters).,I said well I deducted the amount from the 3rd layer error and he said $1400.00? and I said HUH? Well somehow I shorted myself $900 even after the deduction? I looked over that summary 3 times and still cannot find it.