A Roof that You can Wine and Dine On?


I thought you all would find this more than interesting. The system allows you to change any roof, sloped or pitched into an outdoor living deck that supports outdoor furniture.

Shortly, I’ll be updating the project pictures and adding a short video. It’s impressive to say the least. What for my notice of update. Look now and see the 100 stike of hammer durability test on VIDEO at the site.

I am very happy that you are so impressed with what you are selling. This is nothing new, just a new name. If you want to advertise then post in classifieds or in the advertisement section.

Thanks for your message. Our system is unique in the industry. There isn’t another like it anywhere. I thought most would find it interesting. I’m happy to look at the advertising on this forum.


Bob Clanton

If anyone knows of good Independent Manufacturer’s Representatives to market our line, please have them call me at 702.343.7067. We supply free on-site training and training at our plant. We offer 10% commission of the product line along with excellent technical service and customer service.


Bob Clanton

[quote=“Polytuff”]Thanks for your message. Our system is unique in the industry. There isn’t another like it anywhere. I thought most would find it interesting. I’m happy to look at the advertising on this forum.


Bob Clanton[/quote]

Polyurethane roofing systems have been on the market since the 70s. How is it now unique? I read the Msds and specs. Sounds like the same ol blankety blank to me. Just the system components are named differently.

I sense a bit of hostility in your reply. “Sounds like” and is are two different things. Our coating is not the same ol “polyurethane” from the 70’s. Nor, is it simply polyurethane. Our systems surpasses the quality and abilities of any other in the industry.

The advantages are these:

Fast curing
may be applied at any thickness
create slope to drain
correct negative slope to positive slope in one application.
no ponds
no dips

No standing water
correct dips and slumps in both plywood and concrete decks.
supports vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
completely installed in one day.
Will not leak from hail damage
Supports wrought iron furniture and other outdoor furniture.
Unlimited aesthetic affects available.
no need for walkpads.
Will out last any of the other roofing system in the industry.
No Solvent
Water - Curable

Nope, not your same ol polyurethane coating from the 70’s . It’s 21st century outstanding patented water curable technology.


As I said, I read the specifications and the MSDS sheets, So im not guessing. Im trying to get you to elaborate on your “Uniqueness”.
And since you post in the business forum it is appropriate to get specific, otherwise it is an advertisement and should be posted in the classified forum.

If you read some of the other posts from me you will know I am a big proponent of fluid applied systems. I want you to tell me more.
I am not hostile… Sensing and knowing are two seperate things.

It would be helpful if you posted all the other brands you think can be completed in one day on OSB and Plywood, with fire rated systems, applied at any thickness, sloped to drain, corrects ponding water and suitable for recreation outings, outdoor furniture and any aesthetic affect imaginable. Also, TDI and Solvent Free, as well as watercured ( not water based) from one manufacturer.

I’m interested to hear of all the other products that do that. I’ve been in the industry 36 years, I don’t know of one like ours. I appreciate your comments. We’ll be out with a water-curable liquid urethane membrane roof system for not recreational applications that applications as well. The system will take pedestrian traffic without walkboards and can be installed in one day.

the second half of your reply at 8 50 am didnt exist when i typed my last response. Nice use of the edit button. Now you sound hostile. But the information is useful thanks.

I guess, that is what the edit button is there for. Still, there isn’t any other system like ours in the industry. Nah, I’m not hostile at all. I’m very proud of our system and do take exception to the implication that it is “like all the other…blank urethanes”. We are light years ahead of the others. Glad you found the information useful.