A Way to Fight Back

I’ve decided I’m going to fight back in my own little way against these people that hire illegals. I’m going to have a bunch of stickers made up about 3 feet wide by 3 feet wide that reads, “we hire illegal aliens” and keep damaging trucks and storefronts of known offenders in my area. I dont even care if I get caught. I hope I do. I’ll trade a few misdemeanor destruction of property charges to expose insurance and tax fraud felons, especially if I can get publicity. Any ideas what kind of glue I could use so it couldnt be peeled without damaging the paint? Maybe Sarnacol so I could stick it on quick and wet and run! Hehe, I’m on that! Look out for me on the news after a few offenses, someone is bound to catch on to it when I dont stop doing it.

Another way to fight back, before the stickers, I’m going to get some “estimates” and see insurance binders on these companies… get pictures of their 20 illegals on a roof rip with the trucks and job signs in the pics and send it to their insurance companies. Most have like 1 guy on a workmens comp policy.

easy s&g,
first of all bumper stickers gotta have some kinda height to it.
cant be 3’ wide x 3’ wide.
second, you gonna get your damn self thrown in jail.
and third go fishin.


my job signs are corrugated plastic, with stickers on them that are 3 feet, by 3 feet. I’ll use my sign guy and tell him not to stick it to anything. Second, going to jail for misdemeanors exposing felons sure makes good headlines and it is free publicity. Third of all, worms are slimy and gross.

hahaha…word of caution…SLANDER can cost you everything!!! if you do that without physical proof of your accusations you are looking at a huge lawsuit. trust me…i sued a guy this year for making accusations, and it was a slam dunk for me. his accusations only helped “me”. people dont care what you have to say about the other guy. all they want to know is what “YOU” have to offer. dont take this as a slam. also if you do that to the wrong person…you dont know what they are capable of doing. i know i would bust someones kneecaps if they touched one of my trucks. also if they tried to mess with my showroom, i would actually shoot them as this would be trespassing because my office building is on the same property as my house and has lots of cameras. just think before you leap.

I’m not scared about lawsuits or physical threats, I’m an orphan from the ghetto and statistically I should have been either dead or in jail had roofing not saved my life anyhow. I figure I owe it something back. Lawsuits cost money that could’ve been spent on American workers instead, so its a no lose situation to me. Still gets my point home. I’ll have my lawyer get so many continuances in court they won’t have time for estimates. This is my little “Montgomery Bus Boycott.”

Could’ve been worse, its not like I’m threatening physical violence on the immigrants like they did over there in Long Island. I’m not bringing physical violence into anything, its just short of passive resistance, hitting their wallets like theyre doing to me. Fight fire with fire. I don’t care if they put me in jail or sue me, it still costs them money no matter how you look at it.

BTW, this may be hitting home to me more than others in other ways. One day, I was over my buddies house playing darts when all of a sudden I hear some of the loudest smashes you ever heard. I ran out to the porch and what do I see… a Guatamalan in a fully lettered roofing truck bouncing off every car on the street like a pinball, my truck included. I ran down and tackled him to the ground and restrained him while I waited for the police. The guy REEKED of booze. Guarantee you he’s still living in the same house because theres another truck with the same lettering in front of the same spot I always saw that one. Luckily, the roofing truck had insurance and my truck was fixed. But do you think theyre not driving their own unregistered and uninsured vehicles?

Yoou need to calm down sev. You will only cause ourslef troubles because the sad part is there is money being paid more than likely to the people that can do something about. Rememeber this is a right to work country and even tho they are illegal the government is not doing anything about it. If they cant fix the problem what makes you think you can by sticking signs everywhere. Its not that im saying that you are wrong. You have a very valid point. But doing what you say you want to do is only going to cost you money and time in jail and its not worth it.

S&G, I say don’t destruct property, but do something else. The only way things get fixed in this country is by going out, using our right to free speech, and demanding change. Nothing will ever get done if all we do is sit on our hands and just complain to each other.

If you really want to make a difference, become an activist, build a website called illegalsarehurtingamerica.com, promote it, advertise it, etc…maybe you’ll end up on a primetime news show…

… if that doesn’t work… the epoxys found in the painting section at Depot work very good…

very crappy situation,don`t make it worse :evil: