Aany one know the going rates for comp in atlanta?

I am moving to atlanta next week . i am curious how much the price varies from here in alaska… also if any one knows of any good companies in the area i have a few leads but always appriciate any help thaks.

I write WC in Georgia, give me a call and we’ll discuss.

from what i here comp. seems to be about the same nation wide.

comp is NOT the same nationwide. It’s about 75% in California, and less than 35% in Florida. You have to get with a carrier who can write you below Manual Rates. There are only a few of these in Georgia.

Dr.Roof in Atlanta’s rate is 45%. The rate does vary greatly state to state.

36% in Ohio.

However there are many private companies that will sell you state BWC insurance cheaper. I get offers in the mail all the time.