Hired a pair of fresh legs in a 20 years old nice kid from Oklahoma today. He was checking into a temp agency and I picked him up outside. Got lucky, because he has a GREAT attitude. Anyhow, kid cracked me up. He was laboring for an SPF company in Oklahoma, come to find out. Had him on a two layer 12/12 strip 30 feet off the ground first sloped roof in his life. :slight_smile: Hilarious! Great attitude, but he was naturally scared to death. He got over his fears because I grossly overpaid him and coddled him too, though he doesnt know it yet. He scared me trying to take his first bundle up the roof, I told him to throw it and take half bundles so he didnt fall. Makes me laugh my a$$ off watching them getting their sealegs. It also gives me a heart attack, but its so funny its worth it. Your SPF guys that scared? Thought you’d get a kick out of this story!

My guys do not seem to be scared of anything but their mamas. What kinda labor was he doing? Clearing gravel, removing flashings, and tearing off?

he didnt state exactly what he was doing, just described it the way I saw it in Cerbs picture of somebodys work, hopefully more consistent than that. Really good kid though. I’ll teach him well in roofing and life until he’s ready to move on. Scared to death, but I’ll take care of him and make it safe, and make him feel confident. We’re a good match right now, he has the heart and I have the knowledge.