ABC supply buys out Bradco supply

Just read that ABC has bought out Bradco & the sale should be final by the end of june. Maybe this will bring Bradco’s prices back to normal. I requested “pallet” pricing last year and they told me $100/ roll ice & water, $225 roll for deck armor, $40/ box nails…etc. wtf are the smoking? so maybe this will do them some good.

I hope so too. Their prices suck, excpet for the yearly email I get for their closeouts on old stock.

I bought 55 squares of CT 30 year hunter green for $30 per square last month, and did a redeck, and sold it over xactimate prices. made BANK!!

oh, and a couple months ago, did a big Camelot job, and paid $75 per sq on that one. cha-ching!

you guys are lucky all we have is an ABC supply almost 100 miles away they deliver for me though so i really dont have a choice besides lowes ugh.

I was also wondering what this would do in the markets that are saturated with both Bradcos & ABCs. Will all Bradcos turn into ABCs? So will Kansas City now have 10 ABCs within a 50 mile radius?

I bet the big shingle manufacturers - the GAFs and Certainteeds are in a tizzy over what this will mean for them and their sales.

I always found Bradco’s prices to be low. I used to work for a manufacturer that sold a roofing related product to them and the other distributors would always complain that Bradco came in and under cut them on all their bids. Of course that was just one side of the story…

Bradco was always a good supplier with very good prices. ABC is a bit high and not as big in this area. I tend to go with Beacan Sales latley.

Bradco is the lowest supplier here. ABC is the highest but they do have the best service. I worked at ABC for over 5 years and I think this is a great move for them as a company, not as great in the long run for the contractors.

I’ll stick with my local supply house. Never cared much for either one.

Bradco went out because they were lowballing materials,it was sellout or closeout from what i understand.

But i dont see it benefitting the contractors any as materials are already overpriced! And we know what happens when theres less competion in the supply business.

Bradco did not going out because of low pricing. It is because they were owned by a publicly traded stock company. I think it is a smart move by ABC because now they will become the largest supplier in the industry. What that means for us is that pricing might get better because now their buying copacity just got bigger. Maybe they can get pricing like Home Depot so we dont have to pick it up any more.

reyrey you work for ABC?

Nope. I used to though.

They were already the biggest not counting the big orange box. Its a smart move for them but I dont see it helping contractors with pricing, maybe conveinance of buying from one place nationwide. This puts ABC at over 400 stores I believe.