can someone tell me guidelines for tearing off abestos roofing?


first you must have an asbestos removal lisence from the state. then you must have the first 8 hrs of tear off air quality monitored with a minimum of 3 monitors($1500 ea. for the day)then the tearoff must be double bagged in clear bags.a tag stating what is in each bag must be visisble.then it is put into a lined dumpster with a cover on it.thats about $2500 to rent and ship.then that dumpsters manifest must be registered to the state.by the way if air monitoring comes up positive everyone stays in suits and resperators.did i mention that you need suits and resperators?also any roof cutters must have water hoses on them to difuse any dust.still wanna try?

oh yea and if the epa catches you its an automatic$150k fine

no offense roofboss but your responses are only partially true…it depends on which state you are from? i own a roofing company and a asbestos abatement company that removes asbestos roofing only…i have been a licensed asbestos supervisor since 1989 (the year after the regulations regarding asbestos roofing removal went into place) i am from new york which i believe has some of the most stringent asbestos roofing laws and some of the stuff you are saying has to be done is not accurate…i can’t speak for other states…in this state you do have to have a company with a license to remove asbestos and licensed workers…

im in ill and also a supervisor.and i know about the fine from experience.i run a 110 man company.and still have to do all of that stuff.i believe i stated in the first sentence that a license was required.get ready for fiberglas,its gonna be the new asbesto.