Absolutely newbie question about colors

Hi there,
I have gotten quotes and selected a contractor.
I am now just stuck in picking the colors. The contractor normally uses timberline 30s. We have a white stucco house that has a little green mixed into it…

We have looked at the samples out of the brochure and that little square is tough to pick a color with. so we saw a roof with iko weathered wood and thought that would be a good colour. From there we got confused because the color didn’t match(we knew it wouldn’t completely match but thought it’d be close) at least it looked different with greys and greens in it.

Anyways to make this long story short, The wifey wants to use a darker color so, we are looking at a brown colour, what would you choose? the Weathered wood or Mission Brown or…something else?.

note we currently have a grey on the house and the wife thinks it looks boring and dull. and as they say… Happy wife, Happy life :slight_smile: so we are going brown.

I just want to see what will be a good look on our house.
what color would you pick?
any advice/opinion would be appreciated

Driftwood is popular in my area.

Guess i should have mentioned that I’m in Western Canada

thanks again

Is that color not available in your area?

If not you can probably get it in a Certainteed Landmark.

nope not listed as an option in my area.
Will have to take a look to see if the colour is available. Any other colors?

Barkwood, Mission Brown, and Weathered wood.

If you like the browns, I would recomend using Malarkeys “Natural Wood”. Or if using Timberline look at the charcoal, this always looks good with anything.

I think I am gonna stay in the GAF line, isn’t charcoal their version of black?
Being here in Regina, we get the extremes of summer and winter 30C+ to -35C and lower… so the two months of heated summer plays in the decision as well

If they don’t have the color you want, why stay in the GAF line?

White stucco with hints of green?

I would go with the Pewter Grey.

Ask your contractor for a sample board. These will have three shingles of one color. They are available in all the colors and he should have easy access to them. Tell him what general color your looking for (browns)

Personally I would look at Antique Slate on a white house with a little green. JMO

thanks for the options
I went and got a sammple of mission brown, pewter grey, barkwood and the weathered wood.

I agree the pewter does look nice

The weathered wood had specks of green and grey in it.
but i am not sure how much you’ll see of it from the street just cuz I look at it close up and then take 10 steps back and the shingle looks different

thanks again I’ll see if i can upload an image


I was silly and didn’t know which mfg the contractor was using before I signed with him.
I made a poor assumption that most of the companies up here would either be using IKO or BP and the colors wouldn’t matter so much… (Doesn’t really matter to me about the color as I could go anyway as long as it looks good, , it’s my boss at home I don’t want to hear from cuz she’s got a particular look in mind) :slight_smile:

Anyway, from my research I hear that the GAF product is equal if not better than the IKO or BP.
But to each their own. (not trying to start a product discussion here about which is better/worse)

Well the quality of shingle is better than iko and bp.

Look into the color slate. Or better yet

Go Here. gaf.com/Roofing/Residential- … odeler.asp

thanks bam bam… tried the site. it was ok… still a little easier to see in real life :slight_smile:

yeah true, it is hard to tell off of the site.

As selfemployedslave said, get sample boards of colors. This will be on your house for a long time, make sure you like the color. As I suggested, from the picture of your house, I would look into the slate color.

Choice of color is strictly personal preference.
Personally I think your home would look nice with a green roof.

Thanks guys,
I did get a sample sheet of a harvard slate from the iko line, gotta compare to the weathered wood sheet.
(i also do have sample board for weather wood)
and Thanks axiom, I am not too fond of the old greens personally,I agree it would look good, I think the Wife wants to contrast a bit more… and as she puts it ‘I want it to be like the new homes’ (I’ve given up on telling her that the new homes are sometimes/more often than not, done in a certain way because it’s cheaper)

It’ll probably come down to a weathered wood or the slate i think, the barkwood was just a little too light for my liking

Thanks again for all the help, It’s always good to have experts who look at this stuff a heck of a lot more than I do. and not rely on the sales guys who want to use a discounted shingle :slight_smile:

We do tons of that shingle (at least I assume you are not going with the high definition).

My choices would be:
Barkwood #1 (safe and guaranteed to please all)
Hickory #2 (this would give you a flashy roof)
Charcoal #3 (again safe and a very elegant finished look)
Shakewood #4 (a little too southwestern and may clash)

By the way, I would absolutely not even consider slate at all. Sorry to previous poster, but I could not agree less that that would look good. It is blue, and I would never use it on anything but a blue house.

The weathered wood is just builder’s gray - boring.

Peace, all.