Acrylabs fluid applied membrane experience?

Can anyone with experience using Acrylabs fluid-applied membrane over mineral-surfaced asphalt rolled roofing comment on what they thought of the product? This will be applied on a flat roof in a mild climate (northern California).

Mod Bit or Asphalt? Never heard of acrylab, but if it’s mod bit it has to weather awhile or the off-gassing will divorce most coatings.

Read through their site. I didn’t see anything other than just another Acrylic coating…

Seems they’re more in the southeastern US. Sounds similar to some of GAF’s Roof Mate.

bid on a job couple years ago, acrylab reccomended by my supplier,they offered to rent me spray equiptment and send a man out for a few days to instruct crew,said the product would not withstand ponding water,comes with a 10 year warranty and must be re-coated in 10 year intervals,est was over 2 years ago,roof never got done has been patched by other local co, acrylabs seems honest and i would have used them if job went thru