Acting as our on GC, looking for a custom look

My wife and I are acting as the GC building our custom home. The home needs 90 sq and the majority of the pitch is 8/12.

We are looking for something outside the norm high def shingle, the home is an “old world” style house.

We do have a budget and looking for bang for the buck. Yesterday I received a quote for the Camelot 2 for $250 a square installed. Also included some storm shield and the shingle mate. I think this is reasonable but just wondering for $250 a square what other alternative exist that I may be passing up on. For example, are there any metal slate looking roofs around this price? or perhaps you all have an alternative to the Camelot 2 that you could chime in on?

thanks for any opinions.

An alternative to the Camelot is a Certainteed Grand Manor.

For a Victorian style home a Carriage House shangle from Certainteed is very nice also.

A Landmark TL is a very nice high definition shingle, my personal favorite.

A Certainteed Presidential is a very nice shingle with a unique look.

Perhaps you may like a metal shingle like the Tamko metalworks line or a stone coated metal like Decra.

Then there is real slate, cedar, or true standing seam metal roof.

A high end roof/shingle really compliments a nice house.

check out

all sorts of specialty shingles without getting crazy exspensive using steel or composite products.

but $250 a square installed is insanely cheap for contractor following OSHA guidelines, paying there professional roofings well, medical insurance, liability and workmanscomp. El cheapo 30 year architecturals are $250 a square for standard roofs with cheap labor.

90 square house on a budget? Sounds rough. Might want to recheck the measurements as those shingles are most likely special order- ie no returns and 30-40 is on the high side of average.

No it is all correct, not my math but from the contractor.

I’m just having a hard time finding info on the internet regarding cost for the different materials. For example, we saw a picture of a roof while sitting in our contractors office and asked him how much that roof would be on our home, (real slate) he said $95,000. That is $75 grand more than the Camelot 2.

All I want to know is what our options are while staying in the Camelot 2 price range. Our contractor is a master elite from GAF so I feel his opinion may be “skewed” a bit. That is why I am here. Is there any sort of chart out in internet land that shows the different pricing in squares for all these different type products?

As far as size just to clarify 8/12 pitch as a basis- 90 square (9,000 sq. ft. divided by 1.21 conversion rate) is 7,400 square foot footprint. Big house.

So CertainTeed as well as GAF have 'II" series all should be within that range. My advise is find a local wholesaler and go look at real board samples. IMO online is not as accurate detailing real view. Find a supplier that has both- or all so it is non-biased.

Absolutely worth the money from straight laminated to the “II’s”.

Nice painted drip edge and metal valleys should be installed to compliment.

Thank you roofcheck,

Will all the certainteed (even the luxury line) be in the price range of the GAF II series? I was assuming the CT luxury was equal regarding price to the GAF topline which is out of our budget.

Also, we live in Houston if your in the area I would love to get a quote.