Adding a peak roof

Trying to expand some living space above my garage by adding a peak to front half of roofline. Trying to understand the costs involved in doing this project, just looking for a ballpark figure to see if this is something I should pursue further . Exterior finish would be siding to match opposite end of the house. I included a pic to give an idea of what I’m planning.

Any feedback appreciated on a ballpark $$ and any pitfalls or issues to expect. Thank you in advance.

Seems like a significant investment given the return in space gained. Have you considered building a nice “lean to” shed on the side of the garage or buying one of the pre built mini barns at Lowes or Home Depot? Or even renting storage space somewhere nearby?


Perhaps I didn’t describe the space well. There is currently a room above garage that is quire a good size but only accessible from garage. Not really looking for storage space, Trying to add living space by increasing ceiling height to make it useable for a person above 5’2"…lol…and then link it to the main house.

You’ll need an engineer to work that out.

I’m gonna take a stab at it. Looks like it is or was a garage, below? Notorious for that garage header to be weak. You’ll need to check that before adding any weight. In Texas, I’m guessing a framed gable, finished exterior is around 12 to 15k. If the garage framing needs some attention you could spend another 4 or 5k.

That’s what I was looking at. Trussed roof? Garage walls with 2X? 14’ high on ? centers. Brick veneer rarely adds strength. Remove roof framing front to back and truss the whole width, after beefing up the exterior bearing wall.