Adding drip edge to sloped roof?

If there is staining on the eaves from water and the roof is 15 years old will dripedges help prevent more staining? Or will it cause more damage by taking up the tiles around the edge and resetting them?

youll probably cause more trouble than fix.
address went you replace roof.


In my opinion, it’s not worth the hassle:

  1. Your new shingles will in NO WAY at all match the old ones for color.

  2. It’s a lot of additional work (& I do mean a LOT) to remove old shingles in a manner that will allow you to reuse them… & if they are 3 Tab shingles, chances are they are really close to needing complete replacement anyhow.

2a. Drip edge is NOT to be face nailed; it’s only supposed to be attached through the top.

  1. The type of drip edge I prefer & reccomend is “DL” drip edge which has a metal lip that sticks out under the bottom of the first course of shingles by around 3/4" or so. It supports the shingle so it won’t droop in high heat & sorta gives a shelf for the shingle to sit on.

  2. Unless you get a fully faced fascia, i.e. a metal cap that looks like a backwards “C” then you will still have some kind of staining. & Even then, it’s the metal that gets the streaks. All drip edge has some kind of a ‘kickout’ to direct consensation or rain away from the fascia, however even the slightest breeze can make the water hit the fascia.

& That’s my opinion.