Adding Roof Cleaning to the service list

Are people actually buying this service in the midwest? There are so many dirty, black aglae ridden roofs around that somebody could make some good money cleaning them. I am wondering if I couldn’t really make good money doing both tear offs and cleanings.

i do a lot of it.

make a nice, professional looking brochure, and pass it out ot every realtor in your area. put stacks of them in the offices. tell them that is the number one complaint when potential customers pull up at a house to look at it “ewww the roof looks bad!”.

charge a lot for it. because not many people do it, and you can own the market. it doesnt cost much, doesnt take long, and the margins are HUGE.

hey agape, thanks. Would you mind emailing me? I am just curious as to the type of equipment and chemicals you use? I’ve replaced a handful of houses this year that were just dirty. Doesn’t completely bother me due to that fact that I am getting paid well to do it. But if I save the customer 5 more years from having to replace the roof for 6 grand than I have gained his trust and will get his business then anyway. If you don’t mind please shoot me an email with a few details. I am a small local guy doing work b/w Sioux City and Sioux Falls, SD so I won’t ever compete with you. Thanks for your insights. Also, does my current work comp. and property/liablity insurance work for this as well?

All questions answered in the email!


Hope that helps!

We have a crew that does nothing but roof cleanings. Like Agape said the margins are huge and it doesn’t take long to do it. The average job for us takes maybe 2-4 hours and the average job cost 300-400. We use an eco-friendly roof cleaning solution called Roof Reviver. You can google the product and order it. All you need is a good pressure washer with a low pressure water broom attachment. Hope this helps.

Thanks Walt. Can you do roof cleanings in the middle part of the day? Or is there a time when it might be too hot to work.

its never too hot to spray cool water on a roof!

We like to spray the roof and let it bake in the sun for a few hours. The hotter the better, that way the solution can kill the algae or moss thats growing on the shingles.

Hope this helps.

Hey could I get that info ? Would appreciate it.